Inexpensive Ways to Insulate Windows and Doors

House with a choice of windows. Set of windows.


You could have a home that is brand new, was built just a year or two ago, or one that is decades old.  What you will find with any of these homes is that they could equally have a draft.  A draft is a situation where you have a gap in the way the house was constructed, or a window or door was installed.  The gap is an opening that, if left unsealed, can allow for air to pass right through.  This is most commonly seen with windows in St Augustine FL homes.  There are some inexpensive ways you can insulate your windows and doors to reduce the draft impact.


Buy Some Weatherstripping

A product like weatherstrips has been used for decades now by homeowners.  With draft windows and doors, this can be a straightforward way to block up those gaps that may have appeared or been made worse as the years have gone by.  Cheap, easy, and efficient, weatherstrips are an ideal solution.


How is the Door Sweep?

When was the last time you took a look at your door sweep?  A door sweep is one way you can be sure you are blocking drafts from coming in.  These sweeps can wear down as years pass by.  You can easily replace a door sweep by measuring and cutting for the ideal fit.  Once you have the new door sweep slid on, it will make a significant impact on preventing drafts from coming through.


Insulation Tactics

There are plenty of insulation tactics out there that can be of use as well.  When you have windows in your St Augustine FL home that have a draft, applying foam insulation can be a great approach.  While this may require a bit more knowledge of the window and insulation installation overall, it is worth the investment.  Foam tape is another standard option employed when you know exactly where the gaps are.


Seal Around the Windows

Window caulking is another option you want to pay close attention to.  With caulking, you can reseal around the windows and door so that you are working to prevent drafts from coming in.  This is like foam insulation, but a bit easier to install for a novice.  Caulking should be re-done every few years for a home.


Door and Window Snakes

Ever find those long and skinny snake looking fabric products in stores?  This is known as door and window snakes, and they can easily prevent drafts on their own.  Place them at the bottom of a door or a window and feel the difference as the air is blocked from entering.

Drafts can do a lot of damage to the overall energy efficiency of a home.  There are practical and rather inexpensive tactics that can be employed to deal with such a problem.  Work with our team at American Window Products, and we can help you reduce door and window drafts in your St Augustine FL home.