Important Reasons People Choose to Work with Us

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One of the hardest decisions you can make as a homeowner is deciding who you trust to work on your home.  The keyword there is trust!  It is not always about the price point or how well of a “sell” job a company’s individual did talking you into their product or service.  It is about the feeling of comfort that you get when you meet with a professional when you decide that, yes, they are who you want to install the new windows in your Palatka FL home. We want to be all of that and above at American Window Products.  We want to work so that you can highlight, with confidence, all of the relevant reasons and more as to why you choose to work with us.


Long-Term Commitment


We are here for the long-term, it is as simple as that.  How many times have you hired a contractor only to find that, after a few years, they are out of business?  We take lots of pride in having a company motto that is focused on being here for your windows, for as long as you own them.  We never want you to get to a point where your windows need to be serviced, and we are no longer there to answer the phone, to assist you with repair needs, etc.  The quality of our products and our installation services is something that we take very seriously.  When you have us work with you to purchase and install new windows in your Palatka FL home, you can gain comfort in knowing we will be here one decade, two decades down the road.


Awards All Around


We take a great deal of pride in being recognized by some of the most well-known names in the home improvement industry.  One of those includes none other than Angie’s List.  We received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for our commitment to quality, as well as customer service.


We work with over a dozen different window manufacturers, offering up over 80 different models to each of our clients.  We want to guarantee that you will be able to find exactly what you need when you allow us to work with you.  No matter what your taste, architectural style of your home, we are going to meet the needs you have.


Customer service is also critical to us.  We want to deliver quality to you, and in the event, you have concerns, questions, we are right there to answer the phone and help you gain more comfort with our work, our products, and anything else we have involved in throughout the process and for the years that follow.


The reason our customers choose us and praise us for the work that we do is no secret.  We have been awarded and take lots of pride in our customer service, the quality of our work and products.  We are here for the long-term, to serve your windows on installation day and for the years that follow down the road.  WHen the time comes to replace the windows in your Palatka FL home, look no further than American Window Products!