This is a simple question with limitless answers. When most homeowners shop for new windows, they do so with a couple of priorities in mind. If you share similar values to many of our clients, you care most about functionality, energy efficiency and cost. While the first two factors are crucial, the deciding factor is almost always pricing. Are you curious about what kind of ROI you can expect from new windows? The American Window Products team is here to help. 

The Right Window Models Shows Incredible Energy Efficiency Savings

Not all windows are created equally. Depending on the number of glass panes, quality of installation and bonus features like Low-E glass, your windows can quickly decrease your utility costs. Great windows keep cool air in and hot air out (and vice versa), which allows your HVAC to take a break. 


Additionally, energy efficient windows do a better job of regulating temperature. Top-quality models feature two-to-three panes of glass and contemporary sealing technology to eliminate leaks and drafts. It’s easy to find the right model for you. Chat with your American Windows pro to choose a window that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

Reduce Your Risk of Mold and Damage

Older windows are prone to moisture build-up and random cracks. If the windows in your Jacksonville home are over a decade old, you may be on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. 


A little preemptive investment in the quality of your home can save you a lot of money down the road. Instead of hiring a pro to come out a few times each year to patch your frames and replace the glass, simply replace the window altogether. 

Our Pros Can Give You a Specific Answer When You Schedule a Free Estimate

Like we said in the beginning, there’s just no easy way to answer this important question. Many of our clients want to invest in their home only when necessary. Upgrades like new windows, an updated HVAC system and a functioning roof often show the greatest ROI (return on investment). 


Will new windows improve your quality of life or boost resale value? The answer is most certainly yes. Your next step in the home ownership process is to upgrade the windows. From high-quality triple-paned models to budget-friendly favorites, explore your options today. 


American Window sent Chris, Brian and Joshua out to my home to look at and correct an issue i had with my patio door, these guys went far and beyond to address it and so far so good now just waiting for the job to get completed. I will highly recommend American Window to family and friends their products are the best and the quality of service they give to their customers is phenomenal, i will definitely without a doubt continue to use American Window this company puts the customer first and to the crew Chris, Brian and Joshua you guys are a big asset to AW thanks again guys i appreciate your work.

– Luis L., American Window Products 5-Star Review


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