Homeowners frequently ask our team if spring is a smart time to replace windows. The answer is yes! Spring is a great time for home window replacement in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Actually, in warmer climates, spring may be the best time of year for window replacement.


Three Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Spring


Increased Energy Efficiency

Don’t wait until summer to replace your windows. Replacing your home’s windows during the transitional months of spring can lead to reduced energy costs. According to Energy Star, replacing old windows can lead to energy savings of over $450 per year.


You may start to see energy savings immediately if you choose to replace your windows during the spring. You will insulate your home from the remaining cooler days and also prepare for the hot summer weather. Plus, scheduling a window inspection in the spring will determine if you need replacement windows and may identify problem areas.


Special Offers Available

Like any business, supply and demand can impact the price for window replacement. During the spring, window companies may offer special deals to entice customers to purchase new windows prior to the busy summer months. Consider spring window replacement if you’re looking to save time and money.


Contact the experts at American Window Products to learn about our seasonal specials. Schedule a consultation and ask your window professional if discounts are available for spring window installations.


Get on the Schedule Now

Don’t wait until summer! Get on the schedule now before the busy season gets underway. Spring is the perfect time to think about booking your home window replacement.


The summer months are often the busiest for window installation. Also, the unpredictable weather during hurricane season can increase demand even more for window installations. Schedule your window replacement in spring to have a shorter wait and more options for your window installation dates.


How Window Installations Work

An experienced and professional window company understands the need to keep your home’s temperature stable during the window installation. At American Window Products, we prioritize keeping the homeowners comfortable. Our top priority is making your experience a positive one.


One way we manage the window installation process to maintain energy efficiency is by installing one window at a time. We don’t remove all your home’s windows and then install the new ones. Instead, we work in one area of the home at a time.


Another simple way to manage your home’s temperature during the installation process is to close internal room doors so the outside air doesn’t flow freely through your home during installation.


Our window professionals are trained to use the correct sealants, caulks and products that work best to dry and seal properly for the current outside temperature. This is why choosing a licensed and trained professional is important for your window replacement project.


Regardless of the time of year you schedule your home window replacement in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas, the moderate temperatures make weather less of an impact than areas with harsher weather.


Tips for Successful Window Installation

For successful window installation any time of year, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home. Make sure the areas near the windows being replaced are clear so that the window installation professionals have room to work.


For the exterior of your home, be sure to trim any branches or bushes so they’re not touching the windows. Of course, our window professionals are trained to work around landscaping. However, if you’re paying for upgraded windows, you do not want unnecessary obstruction from tree limbs.


For the interior of your home, remove any drapes or blinds from the window area. Also, move any furniture from the area surrounding the window. You may want to cover your furniture with a drop cloth to ensure no dirt or grime from the window blows into the room and onto the furniture.


Finally, if you have pets in the home, make sure they’re secure during the window installation process. This ensures the window replacement goes smoothly and your pets remain safe.



The two most important factors for a successful window replacement are quality windows and professional installation. First, purchase quality windows. We usually recommend double paned windows for better energy efficiency. Second, use an experienced, professional window installation company. The quality of your installation determines how long your windows last, prevent leaks and increase energy savings.

Spring is the perfect time to plan your home window replacement in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Contact the window experts at American Window Products to schedule a free in-home estimate.