bigstock-Condensation-cause-mold-and-mo-115653485.jpgIf your windows have been installed in the last five-ish years, they’re likely double paned. Double paned windows have two panes of glass that make up the window instead of just one, which provides countless benefits for your home. Unfortunately, two panes of glass can often result in built-up condensation in the middle, and we’re about to tell you why this occurs:

How a Window is Designed

If you want to know why the condensation occurs, it’s important to understand how the window is constructed. Double paned windows have a standard frame with two panes of glass built into the center. The two panes are designed to provide your family with added insulation and protection.

Double paned windows aren’t just popular in 2017, they’re the standard. They protect your home from harmful UV rays, block unwanted noise from leaking into your living room, maintain the desired interior temperature and help keep your energy bills low. The reason double paned windows are so effective is because they’re sealed air-tight, unlike the majority of outdated windows used in older homes.

Double Paned Seals Failing

The main reason for built-up condensation in between the two panes of glass is because the panes weren’t properly sealed. From the manufacturing to the installation, windows go through a strenuous process before they reach your home. If even the smallest step is skipped or the tiniest mistake is made, your windows become vulnerable to fogging under certain weather conditions. Another reason for moisture build-up is because the state of windows deteriorate over the years, even the highest quality windows reach their breaking point.

What Condensation Looks Like

If you see condensation between the two panes of glass, it can appear in a couple different forms. Whether it’s dripping water or a layer of fog, there’s definitely a problem with your windows that needs to be resolved. Even if the seal isn’t broken, moisture is finding its way inside your windows, which may only be able to be detected by an expert.

Fixing the Problem

Windows are expensive, so we make it a priority to do our best to FIX the window instead of fully replace. If our experts discover that your windows have a few years left on their life, we’ll fix the problem causing the condensation so you can get back to enjoying the amenities of properly functioning windows.

Condensation built-up between window panes is a pretty common problem that our expert team gets called to fix, so we have no doubt we’ll be able to resolve your issue. It’s not a problem you should ignore, because a damaged seal, pane or frame can cause expensive problems in the long run. If you’re proactive about fixing your windows, we can provide the expert experience, knowledge and skill set you need to take care of it.