How-To Guide for Installing Window Boxes (Just in Time for Spring!)

blue shutters on a cape cod house


The spring months are beautiful as they bring about an opportunity for you to freshen up the exterior of your home. One of the best ways to decorate your windows in Jacksonville is to utilize window boxes. These are great little additions to your windows that allow you to plant flowers, add decor, and spice up that exterior to add to the curb appeal of your residence. There is an art to installing window boxes, though, and making sure that you do it right is going to help you avoid them falling under too much pressure, not being level, among other mishaps that may occur.


Bracket Placement


The first step in the process of installing window boxes just in time for the spring months is, to begin with, the location of the brackets. Figure out exactly where you want the window box to go and get the brackets in an approximate position to nail the placement. Do measurements so that you can be sure that the brackets are the right width apart from one another, that they are at the perfect level below your window, and so on. Placement early on, nailing that, is going to make the rest of the process that much easier.


Use a Leveling Tool


Make sure that you have a level as you are going through this process. You are going to be screwing the brackets directly into your house, so before you go making holes, be sure that the brackets are level with one another.  Place the first bracket and screw it into its destination. Once you do that, get a level so that you can figure out what is going to be perfectly even on the other side. Mark the screw holes so that when you proceed to place the other bracket in that location, you will get the result you are seeking.  


Mounting the Brackets


Make sure that you have screws that are long enough so that when the brackets are attached, they have adequate support. A three-inch screw is going to work best in this situation so that you get a good grab by the bracket overall. The better that it can catch the house, the sturdier that it is going to be over the long-haul.  


Hanging the Window Box


Once you have your brackets screwed into place, you are going to be able to process of actually setting the window box. The window box is going to sit right onto the brackets that you have already hung. Make sure that you have a window box that extends beyond your actual window and the brackets by roughly three to six inches in length. If your window is 24-inches wide, for example, you are likely going to want a window box that is 36-inches in length overall.


Place the window box onto the brackets and, again, check to make sure that everything is completely level. Check the window horizontally, as well as vertically before you go about screwing the window box into its final location. Proceed to screw the window box through the brackets and into the home, when you are sure and ready.


Dressing up the windows around your Jacksonville home with window boxes is a exquisite idea. They are relatively easy to hang.Certainly, a do it yourself project as long as you have a little bit of confidence and are handy with a level, a hammer, and a screwdriver. Follow the steps that we have detailed above, and you will end up with boxes around the windows of your Jacksonville home in no time at all.