The kitchen is usually the most used room in your home. As a result, the kitchen is one of the most often remodeled spaces by homeowners. American Window Products often gets requests for replacement windows in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas for kitchen remodels.

We want your entire home to be beautiful and each home project to be a success. Here is our go-to guide for homeowners when remodeling your kitchen.


Find a Reputable General Contractor


The biggest factor in the success of your kitchen remodel will be the general contractor you hire. We cannot stress enough the importance of this decision. Hiring an experienced professional with a good reputation will help you stay within budget and give you the results you desire.


When searching for a general contractor, word of mouth is best. Ask your family or friends for their recommendations. Also, online neighborhood forums like NextDoor are good resources to ask for recommendations from people in your area.


Once you have a list of general contractors, check out their websites and online reviews. This will give you an idea of their authority and wider reputation. You may even be able to see an online portfolio of their work.


Contact at least three general contractors and ask for at least three references. Call their references. To get the conversation going, ask if they stayed within budget, if the crew was professional, and if they were happy with the end result.


A good contractor may have a long waitlist. Do not let this deter you. This is good. It’s much better to wait to start on your kitchen remodel with a quality and experience professional than to rush in with the first available contractor. Especially in a busy market, it should be a warning sign if a contractor is too readily available.


Hire an Experienced Designer


In order to have the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll need to hire a professional designer. It’s best if the designer specializes in kitchen remodels. Just like with the general contractor, you can ask for recommendations and references.


One good way to let your designer know your style and wishes is to create an idea folder. You can use an online tool like Pinterest to organize your ideas. It’s also nice to have a folder for any magazine images or flyers you’ve picked up at the hardware store and other vendors.  


In order to communicate well with your designer, you need to know your budget before you meet. This will help your designer develop a kitchen design that meets both your style and your budget.


Treat the Crew Well


Once your kitchen project is underway, you’ll have a construction crew and other specialized professionals in and around your home. One way to stay on time is to stay out of the way of the crew. Keep pets and children out of the construction area for their safety and so that the crew can effectively work.


Remember to speak respectfully to the crew. They may be in your home for only a day or for several weeks. They are professionals. You do not need to interrupt them with extra chatter, but it’s nice to greet them and say excuse me when you must interrupt their work.


A good working relationship will result in the best possible outcome for your kitchen. This also creates good professional contacts for future home renovation projects.


Understand Your Needs?


As you undertake your kitchen remodel it’s important to understand your needs. Do you need a complete remodel? Do you need more space? Do you want an updated look with new windows, cabinets and appliances?


Asking yourself these questions upfront can save you time and money. If you really just need new appliances and a coat of paint, you will not need to hire a general contractor and designer.


Also, determining your budget will let you know what you can actually afford. While you may want an entire kitchen remodel, your budget may limit you to only your top priorities. According to, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $22,000.


What Will You Update?


Your kitchen remodel may include many different types of updates. Consider which items are most important and work back from there. If you are undergoing a complete kitchen remodel, remember to update the details for the best results.


An experienced designer will help you with the details that you may otherwise not consider. Here is a list of possible items to update:


  •      Cabinetry
  •      Countertops
  •      Backsplash
  •      Appliances
  •      Sinks and faucets
  •      Light Fixtures
  •      Flooring
  •      Replacement windows
  •      Doors


Remember to consider this list and other details in your kitchen remodel when creating your budget. We find that adding more natural light to the kitchen with replacement windows in a great investment especially in Jacksonville, Florida where enjoying the sunshine is part of the advantage of living here.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


As with any home renovation project, remodeling your kitchen can lead to many common mistakes. Do your homework, research your general contractor and designer.


One big mistake homeowners make is believing they can do a kitchen remodel themselves. Especially if you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, this is not a DIY project. It is important to let a professional handle the details.


Probably the biggest risk is hiring your contractor and then them not finishing the project. This is why it’s so important to check references and hire a reliable professional. Also, DO NOT pay in advance. A reputable contractor will have a contract with a payment schedule. American Window Products has the reputation and honest team you should look for when hiring a contractor.


And finally, stay within your budget. It’s tempting as the remodel is underway to want to add all the bells and whistles; however, unless budget is not an issue, you need to stay realistic. You do not want to end up pinched on the backend because your project exceeded your budget.


A kitchen remodel is a great investment. It adds value to your home and adds pleasure to your life. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want it to reflect your lifestyle.


Contact American Window Products for replacement windows for your kitchen remodel in Jacksonville and surrounding Florida communities.