When you pull up to a home, what is the first thing that you look at? We often hear about curb appeal, especially if you have recently shopped for a home in the market or have had your home up for sale. Curb appeal starts and ends with the appearance that you make with your front door. Judging a book by its cover is the same as judging your house by the way that its front door looks. We at American Windows in Jacksonville FL want to stress the importance of actually making a statement with that front door.


You can make a statement with your front door in so many different ways. You can do it by trying something different with the design of the door, the shape, or the material. You can also have the front door make a statement with the color that it packs. It is up to you, and our team of experts is here as a resource to help you down this journey.


Go Bold With Color

One of the ways to make an accurate statement with the front door of your home is to go bold in the color department. We at American Windows in Jacksonville FL have seen homeowners use this approach to make the front door stand out, to give it that amazing flash that brings the rest of your home to life. When you have siding that is a bit of a duller color, maybe a tan or white, that front door can be the focal point with a big blast of color. Use the whole spectrum, get crazy, and try something new to go bold!


Durable Material

The strength of fiberglass has already been mentioned above when talking about resistance to the elements outside.  Even outside of that, though, fiberglass is going to withstand bang ups against it much better than steel and wood. Steel can dent, while wood can chip away just as easily.


Color Variety

You can do a lot with wood, as well as fiberglass.  Staining or painting these two materials is a breeze.  It is quite easy to change the colors on these doors. Steel doors are a bit different as the steel can come in various colors, but painting it is not quite that simple.


Lavish Design

So many design options exist when you are talking about the front door to a home. You can go big and bold, making a statement with the front door in the design approach alone. We at American Windows in Jacksonville FL can help you in the design space so that you can use fiberglass, wood, steel, or any other material to have a door made that accomplishes exactly what you are looking to get out of it. A lavish design can truly make the curb appeal of a home when done properly.


Material with Low Maintenance

It gets no better than fiberglass doors for your Jacksonville FL home when you are talking maintenance.  Fiberglass requires virtually zero maintenance. With wood and steel, you are going to have to keep up with them to protect them from the outdoors as the years pass by.  The manufactured material of fiberglass helps to resist all of that and allows you to enjoy its beauty with minimal work required.


Set the Tone

Maybe you do not necessary want the front door to have that big bold color or lavish design, but you want it to set the tone for the home. This is another great approach to make a statement with the door. Use it to establish the identity of your home. If you have a country style home, have a door that lets someone know that once they enter the home, this is the type of residence that it is going to be. A front door can be a tone setter both on the inside and the outside of the home. It is like picking up a book and trying to figure out what type of book it is by the cover, the title. Usually by analyzing that you can determine if it is a funny book, dangerous, etc. and this is along those same lines.


Energy Efficient Materials

The first category you want to focus in on is energy efficiency.  Which type of door is going to win out in this regard? Fiberglass and steel doors are both known for the incredible energy efficiency gains they provide.  Wood doors are a distant third in this race, doing the least to help reduce the footprint of your home from an energy usage perspective.


Material that Resists Elements

The nasty storms that our homes are hit with in Florida make it important that we protect our front doors.  Fiberglass doors are the best at resisting elements in comparison to steel or wood doors. With wood, you have to worry about it rotting as time goes by, especially with the rain pelting up against it.  Steel also does not fare as well for similar reasons. It can get worn as the years pass by. Fiberglass is much more durable and superior at resisting the elements as they strike.


Your front door should be designed in such a way that it has a lot of pop, that it stands out.  You want the front door of your home to be the focal point when someone pulls up in front of it. When you get the eyes to fixate on the front door, you can dress up around it with the entire display of the home to help it give off its overall visual. The curb appeal that the home gives starts and ends with the front door. You want to make a statement with it, and we at American Windows in Jacksonville FL can help; our team of professionals is just a phone call away.