If you are hosting Thanksgiving, it is the perfect time to get your home prepared! Getting ready for entertaining a crowd on Thanksgiving can be stressful. You may have cleaning to do or you may want to take it a step further with some home improvement tasks. Our team at American Windows understands the holiday push and wants to help! We can work with you to talk about replacement window options and more.


Replacing Aging Windows


One of the bigger tasks you may want to take on before Thanksgiving is replacing your windows in your Jacksonville, FL home. When was the last time you replaced your home windows? Was it more than a decade ago?  


At American Windows, we want to highlight the value of new replacement windows. The aesthetic benefit is undeniable. New vinyl windows are going to look amazing to dress up your residence! Once completed they will brighten any home, making it look new again.


Dusting and Cleaning


You also want to do all of the dusting and cleaning. When you are cleaning a home for the holidays, you want to start at the highest points which include the ceiling, the lights and ceiling fans. Use a wet cloth to start the cleaning process so you are wiping up the dust rather than just pushing it around.


The benefit of starting cleaning higher is that any dust that falls, you will get to it later. If you left a ceiling fan for the end, you would then be pushing down dust onto areas you already cleaned!  


Sharpen the Knives


Take some time to sharpen up your knives before you slice the turkey! Use a whetstone to do this. Soak the stone in water for around 10 to 20 minutes. Once you do that, use the coarse side to slide it onto the knife, sharpening it. Work on one side for around six strokes before flipping it over to the other side. Think safety and always slide away from your hand.  


Clean the Oven


Take some time to clean the oven correctly. Go beyond just using the self-cleaning option. Use a non-toxic cleaner such as a combination of baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. Use the baking soda to sprinkle it over food burnt onto the oven. Let it sit overnight and the work on it with a sponge. Vinegar will help to get at the areas that do not work with just the baking soda alone.  


Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many! If you are one of the lucky individuals hosting, take some time to prepare the household. Think about home improvement tasks such as replacement windows in your Jacksonville, FL home. Clean the house thoroughly! Get the knives, the oven and everything else sparkling and ready to go. If you do want to replace your windows before the big day, give us a call at American Windows to get going!