Fun Ways to Reuse Older Windows and Doors

a detail shot of variety of old doors


Removing aging windows and doors in a Jacksonville FL home opens up for a lot of creative opportunities. For those that are fans of DIY projects, using old windows and doors to do some fun stuff can be truly enjoyable. The great thing about these projects is that you do not need to worry about making mistakes. What are you going to do — break the windows you were getting rid of anyway? Get those creative juices flowing, and let us check out some fun ways to reuse older windows and doors.


Make the Door a Bar Station


Take the old doors in your Jacksonville FL home and use one of them to turn it into a bar station.  When you have the door, work with it to first mount it somewhere. You could do this outside, installing the door against a shed or even a tree. It can also work inside of the home. Add some shelving to the door and what you will end up with is a rustic-looking bar station to hold a bunch of drinks and glassware.  


Window Frame


You can take that old window, stain it with some paints and away you go with turning it into a window frame that you can hang right on the wall. Try adding some pictures to each of the areas of the glass on the windows as well to give it more of a collage look.  The stain lets you match the window to the style of any room.  


Make a Bookshelf


You can also use old doors to make a shelf for your books. Similar to the idea with the bar station, all that you have to do here is add some shelving. If you can incorporate some light as well, that would be helpful so that you can find all of the books easily, even when you are sifting through the shelf at night.


Table and Chairs


You can take those old windows from your Ponte Vedra FL home, along with the doors, and work them into creating a table and chairs. The door itself can be utilized for the top of the table.  You could even cut it into a few pieces to work it into a chair if you have a bit more skill in the carpentry department. Even if you have an older table, replace the top of it with the door or the window.  A small table that has the window as the top can have a real rustic appearance, something that can be unique and appealing.




Take the doors or windows and hang them on a wall.  Next, you’ll need chalkboard paint. Paint on the windows and doors and let it dry. Once it does, use them as a way to keep track of memos or use chalk to come up with some artistic presentations.


Corner Shelf


Take the old door and vertically cut it halfway down the middle. Take each half and have them meet in the middle in the corner of a room. Next, get some of the shelving that you can mount decor. You will end up with a very nice looking corner shelving display for plants and pictures, as well as other types of decor that you may want to show off.


Make the most of your old windows and doors from your Ponte Vedra FL home! We at American Windows can help you in the idea department and you, the DIY pro, can execute care-free designs. You’ll be making the most out of the materials that would have been thrown away anyway.