The winter months bring a great time of the year. The air is crisp and cool. You throw on a light jacket, head outside and enjoy everything the fresh air has to offer. At night, though, it can get a bit challenging to enjoy your patio still. The temperatures make it complicated. What can you do to put your patio to use this winter? Are new doors an option for you? Let’s take a closer look at how you can turn that patio into a Jacksonville, FL winter escape.


Enclosing the Patio With Sliding Doors


One of the more advanced ways of making use of a patio in winter is to enclose it with sliding glass doors. The doors can help turn an outdoor patio into a year-round escape. You can open and close as many of the doors as you like, enjoying the natural surroundings and letting that air blow. This can also work with floor to ceiling windows.


Adding a Fire Pit


Do you have a fire pit you utilize on the patio? If not, you may want to think about investing in one for the winter. The addition of a fire pit to a patio can make winter much more welcoming. It does not get that cold in Fernandina, FL! Once you get in front of the warm fire it should allow you to get cozy and comfortable fast.


You can add a basic fire pit in the middle of the patio or take it up a notch with a fireplace. The fire pit can easily be a year-round staple. Either direction you go, you will enjoy a much warmer space outside.


Add Pillows and Blankets


Add some throw pillows and blankets outside. Have them handy! If you get cold, they will be right there for you to pull over and gain gem warmth. Just holding onto a throw pillow can help create that feeling of warmth for you and your guests.


Outdoor Heaters


If you are not the type to use a fire pit or fireplace, try an outdoor heater. Many of these will work off of propane tanks so you can just turn a knob and begin to enjoy the warmth. Outdoor heaters can warm up space in little to no time. All you have to do is place them in the corners of the patio and enjoy!


You can warm up in many ways and enjoy your patio during the winter months. Going the enclosure route with new doors for your Fernandina, FL patio is undoubtedly an option. You can also just go with simplistic throw pillows, blankets and a fire pit. Call on our team at American Windows to learn more about some of the fun and creative ways people have turned patios into year-round spaces for cozy relaxation.