Fun Ways to Make the Most of Bow Windows

exterior view of a new bay window **Note slight graininess, best at small sizes.


Do you find yourself getting all worked up about your bay windows?  Many homeowners love having bay windows, while others see it as a weak point in the home only because they do not know how to dress them up!  Do not get all stressed regarding bay window treatments. We are one of the top window companies in Jacksonville FL that can help.  There are tons of fun ways out there to make the most of bay windows, which are beautiful in their architectural design.  Creativity and a little inspiration from our team of pros can go a long way!


What is a Bay Window?

It is probably best to get on the same page regarding what a bay window is.  This is a window stepped out from the room.  There are side windows that are angled off of the centered window.  You could have three windows of the same size, or some variation of the scale of the windows, with the center one being the biggest.

One of the biggest concerns that people have with this type of window setup is privacy.  With the three windows, you are going to be exposed if you plan on sitting right in the space.  This is where dressing them up comes into play!


Quality Shutters

Shutters can go a long way to helping dress up the bay windows.  They are a lovely solution as they can allow natural light, or be closed up nice and tight if you want to keep things private.  Shutters come in all sorts of colors and varieties.  We can work with you to show you examples of what some of our other customers have done.  Even doing a quick search on Google and looking up images of what others have done can show you what shutters can do.


Boxed Valances

Boxed valances can also help in a big way to dress up the windows.  You can do a simple boxed valance and add it right on top of the shutters.  Mounting it can help to bring out the natural light while also having a great visual display.


Work Desk Set Up

Another great way to dress up the bay window is to use the space for something productive.  A work desk is a perfect example of this as you can get those work-from-home days cranking while having a great view to the outdoors.  Being surrounded by the natural light is a great way to draw inspiration and creativity.


Reading, Anyone?

A place to read is another substantial use for your bay window. Use a bookcase to get some books set up around the bay windows and add a beautiful chair or love seat for comfort so you can enjoy the area. Have it dressed up almost like an extra room in the home to be utilized.

Bay windows provide a lot of benefits and when they are used correctly, they are truly advantageous to homeowners. Make the most of the bay windows so that you can reap their benefits.  Work with us, one of the top window companies in Jacksonville FL, so we can assist you with making that bay window all it can be!