Fun Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Spooky halloween pumpkins on wooden planks, placed in front of window with scary background


When you have a front porch, you want to make the most of it!  You probably spend hours decorating the porch for the 4th of July, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  One of the holidays that shouldn’t be forgotten about is Halloween! Why doesn’t Halloween get more credit and attention?  If anything, Halloween is the one holiday where you have the most people coming up to your home, checking out your porch and of course, looking for candy.  There are plenty of fun ways to decorate for the holiday, and we at American Windows in Jacksonville FL want to help inspire some creativity.


Create a Spider World!

There is not much that is creepier around Halloween than spiders and spiderwebs.  Use this to your advantage when decorating the front porch.  Fake webbing is an easy and very inexpensive way to add a level of creepiness to the porch you lacked in Halloweens of the past.  Throw a couple of fake spiders into the webbing and away you go!


Where are the Skeletons?

Do you have any skeletons lying around in your attic?  If not, plenty of retail stores are going to be selling these creepy figures!  Get a few of them and prop them up on the seating you have on the porch.  Throw one on the rocking chair and maybe have another that is lying down on the swing and resting.  These will be sure to get anyone that comes up to your home in the holiday spirit.


Glowing Pumpkins and Porch Entry

Combine glowing pumpkins with a porch entry that is primed for Halloween.  Our team at American Windows in Jacksonville FL has seen this done exceptionally well by so many of our customers.  The porch can have a curtain or drape that leads to the entryway.  When you have glowing pumpkins behind the entry adding that eerie glow, it will add a bit of intimidation to those looking to walk through.


Dress the Door and Windows

You can also dress up the door and windows on the porch.  We have seen front doors wrapped up as if they have been put through the mummy treatment.  Witches that look like they have been squished under the door is another common approach that homeowners take. Dress up your windows so that there are goblins, monsters and everything else tied to the glass.  When you dress up these different areas and do so creatively, it can tie the whole porch together for Halloween.

Halloween is a great holiday to take advantage of when dressing up the porch.  There is no reason when you have so many people coming up to the door to knock for candy that you can’t take some time to add decor to increase the fright level.  Halloween is an enjoyable holiday, and it is time to put that porch to use!  Use some of the creativity and inspiration provided here by American Windows in Jacksonville FL.