How to Find the Source of a Window Leak or Draft

Window glass with condensation, strong, high humidity in the room, large water droplets flow down the window, cold tone, natural water drops on window


Think about the beating that your windows take on an annual basis.  With all of the heavy winds and rain just pelting against them with each storm that rolls through, it should be no surprise that they deteriorate over time.  As windows wear down, they are going to begin to lose their ability to seal the interior of your home, to protect it as they once could.  This can lead to leaks and drafts flowing through your windows and into the home.  A window repair professional in Jacksonville can help you diagnose the source of the problem and also correct it.  What if you want to do this on your own, though?


Is it possible to try to find the source of a window leak or draft without the help of a professional?  While you certainly can try to locate the origin of the leak or draft, to reduce it as much as you can until our teams at your home to help, it is certainly going to be harder.  It all starts with tracking down the source and then taking action from there to get the problem fully remediated.


Acting Quickly

To find the source of a window leak or draft before things take a turn for the worse, you want to move quickly.  Once you start to have a window leak or drafts start to blow through, they are only going to expand as time passes.  What used to be a tiny leak can quickly turn into a much bigger problem where rainwater is freely making its way into the home, causing a slew of issues.


As soon as you start to see water coming through, begin to inspect the area where you see the water, as well as spaces around it.  The tricky thing with leaks and drafts is just because they appear small; they could prove to be much more severe.  In the case of water, what you may find is that there is more moisture behind the walls that has not fully leaked through, but has still made its way into your home and could cause both mold and structural damage.


The Window Edge

The window edge is always going to be the starting point as you work to try and find where the problem area is with your windows.  Our team of window repair professionals in Jacksonville know that sealing windows is one of the most important parts of the job as that could likely be the cause of the problem.  There is a gap that the window and the wall have as they connect and usually the gap is going to be fully sealed with caulking.  As years pass by though the caulk can dry out, begin to chip, and eventually fully peel away; Once it does this, that seal is going to be gone.


Window Frame

Window frame issues can also lead to leaking of moisture as well as drafts just being allowed to flow through. Similar to the window edge, the problem with the frames comes where you have the glass and the frame coming together.  There is a rubber seal that is installed between these two components of the window.  As the rubber seal wears down over time, drying up and ripping away, it begins to create an opening for drafts to flow through, as well as moisture.


The typical fix for a leak or a draft coming through your windows is to start over with the caulking, to get everything as picture perfect as possible again.  Our team of window repair professionals in Jacksonville have seen these issues too many times and can diagnose problems such as this quickly.  You want to act fast as the longer the damage is allowed to continue, the bigger the problem it is going to become.  Take care of that leak or draft problem today and sleep better tonight!