Fiberglass Door Finishes We Can’t Get Enough of

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Fiberglass doors have reached the point where they are trendy among homeowners.  In many ways, these doors take a combination of both wood and steel and bring the best of each material together.  They have the amazing and natural look of wood while having the strength and durability that you get from a steel material.  These are the new doors for your Jacksonville FL home that you want to be considering!  Fiberglass doors have great durability and a long lifespan, giving you a chance to get a new door for your home and enjoy it for years to come.  One of the great things about these doors is the finishes that can be applied.  Let us explore a few that are top-notch.


The Natural Stain


Have you ever stained a material before?  You probably hear the word stain and think that it is going to be much harder to do than it is.  Staining of a fiberglass door is very easy.  All it takes is a little preparation work on your part, and you can end up with a look on the new doors in your Jacksonville FL home that you simply cannot get enough of.


With staining all you have to do is start by wiping down the fiberglass door with a lint-free rag.Work to get all of the dust and such off of there, debris that may have built up.  Next, use a foam brush to apply to the fiberglass door. Following the grain of the door, get a stiff-bristled brush and make long, slow strokes.  This is what is going to stain the door and allow the original color to peek through still.  


Natural stain can come in a variety of different colors and is one of the best finishes for fiberglass doors out there. The options are limitless when it comes to staining, and plenty of quality paint makers have unique colors you may never have even considered.


The Full Paint


Painting the fiberglass door is the other attractive option and finish that a lot of homeowners are going to choose. You can very quickly paint a fiberglass door, just as you would if the door was made of natural wood.  Full painting of the door will likely take a few coats, but beyond that, is a straightforward task that you can accomplish on your own in a day or two at the most.


New doors for your Jacksonville FL home can benefit from the paint as you can allow the door to mesh with the stylistic approach of your home as a whole.  The paint is also going to work to protect the door from dirt and debris. Applying this finish is arguably even easier than staining the door.


Finishing new doors for your Jacksonville FL is easier than you think!  Fiberglass is an excellent material as it is simple to paint, stain, or try some other unique ideas that are out there.  Some even just leave it untouched, letting its natural look shine.  We at American Window Products can help you with the installation of the new doors for your Jacksonville FL home and give guidance on the finish so you can execute in fully and enjoy the benefits!