Bay windows are a luxury that plenty of homeowners would love in their house. These unique windows are fitting for nearly every type of home, and almost always complement the current design scheme. Although, dressing up a bay windows isn’t all that easy. Whether you have traditional or Low E glass windows, dressing up the bay windows can add a lot to how it is presented on the interior and exterior of the home.


We have plenty of ideas in mind as to how to properly accentuate the bay windows in your home. Our team at American Window Products has plenty of experience with maintaining and installing this type of window, and we’ve seen homeowners use some creative window fixtures to accentuate their bay windows.


Valances Set the Right Tone


Adding treatment to the top of your low e glass bay windows, such as a valence, is an excellent way to make the most of your space. Running a contemporary valance across the top of the bay window can easily make the room feel more open and inviting. You can coordinate this type of fixture with coordinating pillows to tie it all together.


Roman Shades are a Good Option


Another great addition to your bay windows is Roman shades. This fixture choice is a great way to add a contemporary look to your home decor. Not only are these shades appealing and easily customizable, but they are incredibly functional and come with plenty of benefits. Although there are many style and color options when it comes to Roman shades, we recommend choosing a neutral shade to best complement the windows of your Florida home.


Adding a Window Seat


It can often be difficult to find furniture that works well with the odd shape of a bay window. One of the best solutions to this common problem is the addition of a window seat. A window seat, when appropriately designed and placed, can tie together any valances or curtains you choose to use. It’ll give your space a great personal touch and prove to be incredibly functional for you and your family.


Bay windows should be a focal point of your interior living space and should complement the design of your home. When you correctly plan out these types of windows and design them to take advantage of their many features, the result will add unparalleled value to your residence and improve the functionality of the interior of your house. Our team at American Window Products can help you install, design and make the most of a bay window in your home.