Factors to Consider When Buying a Door for a Beach House

a beach house in the city of galveston, texas


Coastal living is more than just a lifestyle — it is a true mindset. Homeowners understand this, and know the importance of considering different factors when buying a beach house door. You could be on the shores in Jacksonville, FL and American Windows is going to be there to help you buy new doors for your beach home.


You have to be one lucky homeowner to get to call a beach house your home. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, the smell of the salt water and everything in between make the experience so invigorating. As tremendous of an experience it is to live on the beach, you must also work to protect your property. It all starts with the exterior door.


Humidity and Moisture

Living on the coast exposes your home to a lot of humidity and moisture. These two aspects can impact the type of new doors you consider for your Jacksonville, FL beach home. One type of material you are likely going to want to avoid is wood.


Living on the coast, you are going to be in a wet and damp environment. Wood is going to saturate with that dampness over time, causing it to rot out far faster than it would on an inland residence. The harsh weather that comes from the beach makes this a bad option.


Steel doors, unless they are stainless steel, also should be avoided. Again, with the humidity and the moisture, the risk is that you are going to experience rust and corrosion as a result of the ocean air and the salt water.


Dangerous Storms

Hurricanes in the state of Florida are no joke! They bring heavy winds, incredible rains, and make the ocean dangerous. This can lead to coastal flooding and a real hammering on the homestead.


These dangerous storms must be factors in when looking for an exterior door. You want a door material that is going to be able to stand up to the harsh weather. Getting the right door is all about combining the aesthetic appeal and security to protect your family from the outside elements.



Top Material for the Beach Home

The top material that you are going to want to use for a beach home is fiberglass. We at American Windows have tons of options for you to choose from!


Fiberglass is extraordinary in the way that it can resist moisture. Weather is not going to be an issue either. The big tropical storms and hurricanes that bring torrential rain and winds will cause no harm to such a door. Also, fiberglass won’t let rust impact your door!

Living on the coast is splendid. Factor in the humidity, the storms and the ocean air as you search for new doors in Jacksonville, FL to meet your needs. Fiberglass certainly stands above the pack of options; we will work with you to help you make an informed decision for your beach home. American Windows is here to help you choose the best door for your beach home.