Exciting Window Treatments to Instantly Update Your Home

Woman looking out big bright window with curtains and blinds


Have you ever been in a position where you want to get creative, but just cannot get the juices flowing? Creativity blocks are extremely common, especially when you are trying to think through the best ways to decorate the aluminum windows of your Jacksonville FL home.What are some of the more exciting window treatment options that are out there that will instantly update your home? What should you be looking to get inspiration?  The important thing to note here is that everything is within reach. There are no window treatments, no decor, that you do not have the ability to drive home on your own. It all comes down you toy realizing that creative opportunities do exist and taking advantage of them.


Ever Seen a Curtain of Beads?


Curtains are a dime a dozen at this point.  You may think that, outside of the color that each has, they are pretty much all the same. Why not try to bedazzle a curtain to make it unique, make the entire window and the room overall stand out?  


Ever seen a curtain of beads before? This is a design that can freshen up windows, no matter how bare that they are. There are plenty of curtain manufacturers that sell these already, or you can attempt to make them on your own by doing a quick lookup on Google. The opportunities are relatively endless.


Changing up the Curtain Rod


There are plenty of things that you can use for a curtain rod that you probably have not thought of in the past. Do you want your home to have more of a rustic feel? Try to find a curtain rod that resembles more of a tree branch. Some manufacturers make these already, or you can dress one up on your own by finding a quality branch outside.


Use an Awning


Wood awnings are getting more popular than ever before as a quality interior window treatment. Using a wood awning allows you to add some great color to it, dress up space, really make it stand out and be unique in its right. You can paint the wood your favorite color or stain it to have more of that rustic appeal to it.This is a window treatment that has proven to be wonderful for so many kitchens, dens, and dining rooms of homes.


Privacy Screen


You can purchase a privacy film that can be applied to windows as well to give them another very appealing and unique look. Frosted glass is the most popular one here as it is a very simple solution that can add to the aesthetic of the window quickly.  The other benefit here is that you are going to get a lot of privacy from the window using this method. If you have windows in a bathroom that need to be dressed up but also done so in a way where you get privacy gains, this is a great option.


The exciting window treatment options that exist for your home are endless.The list that we have put together above is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination. Push the envelope and take these ideas, expand on them, make them your own. The goal here was to get some new window treatments out in the open, so you can take them, tweak them to make each your own, all with the intent of inexpensively and creatively updating your home.The aluminum windows in your Jacksonville FL home can get a quick refresh when done properly with quality window treatments.