Aluminum windows are a top-of-the-line option for homes all around Jacksonville and surrounding areas of FL. While they’ve always been a wise choice, aluminum windows have grown in popularity over the last five years. So, why have aluminum windows replaced wood and vinyl as the most popular material? The American Window Products team is here to explain some of the serious perks of this framing material. 

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Unlike their inefficient predecessors, today’s aluminum windows boast a long list of eco benefits. If your top priority is low utility bills, aluminum is the choice for you. Along with their cost-effective perks, aluminum also promotes improved temperature regulation.


While vinyl continues to hold the reputation as the most energy efficient, aluminum windows are now manufactured to match vinyl in energy efficient benefits. Thermal breaks, insulation within the frames and the combination of 2+ panes of glass make aluminum windows an ideal choice for homeowners with energy efficiency on their minds. 

Strength to Protect Your Family

Homeowners these days immediately recognize the durability of this window frame material. Strong window frames are important during Jacksonville’s harsh storm season. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes and tropical storms, it’s crucial to equip your home with the best lines of defense. 


Many studies show aluminum windows are more than 30 times stronger than wood and superior to vinyl. In fact, aluminum windows are less likely to crack, dent or warp over time from harsh sunlight or strong storms.

Low Maintenance

This is our favorite benefit of installing aluminum windows in homes around Jacksonville. Homeowners quickly realize how truly low-maintenance these windows are. Unlike vinyl, aluminum easily resists harsh elements like the sun, intense temperatures and strong winds. 


While wood rots and vinyl warps, aluminum proves to last the longest and maintain its strength. In addition to the durable base of these windows, the finishes used on these windows rarely chip. They’re about as low maintenance as it gets in the world of windows!

Partner with American Window Products for Your Aluminum Window Installation

There’s a whole lot to like about aluminum windows. Modern aluminum windows are a completely new beast than the outdated construction and material used for aluminum windows decades ago. If you’re in the market for new windows in your home or office, we recommend taking a good look at aluminum windows and all they have to offer. 


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