It’s time to bundle up for the short-yet-mighty Jacksonville winter. It’s getting colder and summer is a distant memory at this point. As a homeowner, your New Year’s goals go beyond the basics of weight loss and time management. Instead, your focus should be on ways to keep your family comfortable and your finances low in 2021. So, what are some simple ways to help with home insulation and utility costs? American Window Products is here with the straightforward info you need to reach the comfort levels you want.

Inspect the Windows for Damage

When was the last time a pro inspected your windows for damage? Have you ever thought about how old they are? What about their ability to insulate the home? Older windows are going to have cracks in the frame and thin glass. They do not provide much insulation! Having an inspection done by our team of windows professionals can help educate you on your windows.

A home window inspection could uncover a few different things. You may find out that your windows are perfectly fine, with no insulation issues at all. You may also learn that the sealant and caulking around the windows should be replaced to increase insulation. What you may even discover is it may be time to replace the windows entirely.

Take Measures to Eliminate Drafts
You can make a draught excluder to use on the frames of your windows and under your door. The draught excluder is an easy creation, acting as a barrier. Think of it like taking a long, skinny pillow that you put up against the bottom of the door. It can do wonders to block air from passing through and entering the home.

Invest in Quality Window Treatments
What is the state of your curtains? Are they light and silky in their composition? Heavy curtains can do a lot for insulation. Swap out the current curtains for those with more substantial fabric. When closed, they can work to act as a second layer of insulation past the walls and windows.

Rely on Natural Lighting to Keep Utility Costs Low

Don’t be afraid to let the light in during winter. Even if it is cold outside, you can gain a lot of heat just by allowing that sun to shine through. The insulation benefits you receive from taking care of your windows and drafts can be magnified with some sunshine.

Area Rugs are a Hidden Solution for Insulation

The floor may seem cold and it’s because air is seeping up through it. Why not lay down a rug? The rug can help insulate the floor, similar to how the curtains work with windows. Insulation on the floor will help it maintain warmth and fight back the cold air from entering the household.

Trust the Window Professionals to Provide Premier Comfort

American Window Products has proudly served the Jacksonville community for over 30 years. We truly care about every family we get to work with, and that includes yours. Whether you’re in the beaches areas or downtown near the river, our team is here to help.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We can easily help you decide whether a repair or replacement is your best choice.