How to Easily Read Your Window’s Energy Efficiency Label

Energy Efficiency – Hand with work glove (photo) holding a house model (3D illustration) with energy efficiency rating in countryside


You want to do your homework to understand the energy efficiency label on your windows thoroughly. The more education you have in this area, the more information you will have when making decisions on your next set of windows for your Fernandina FL home. There is a lot of emphasis right now on energy efficiency windows. Now, windows are given energy performance labels. The National Fenestration Rating Council is where the name come from, but understanding them can sometimes be tricky.


As a homeowner, you want to check the windows’ labels before you go ordering them in bulk for your home. It is imperative to understand the energy efficiency rating and the information it is trying to deliver to you. When making decisions on buying windows, the more energy efficient they are, the bigger the savings you will get in the long-run.


Start in the Top Left Corner


You want to start with reading the label at the top left corner. What you are looking for here is a listing that says that the window has been certified by the National Fenestration Ratings Council. The label designation gives assurance that the manufacturer of the window meets performance standards by the group.  


Top Right Corner Information


The top right corner of the window is where you are going to get a bit more information. This is the area where to are going to be able to figure out who the manufacturer of the window is, as well as the model and style of the window. You are also going to be able to get information about the materials that were used in constructing the window.


The Important Information


The relevant energy efficiency rating information is going to be right in the middle of the label.  The U-Factor is one of those areas that you want to focus in on. The U-Factor rating is going to give you an indication of the rate of heat loss from the windows. A score between 0.20 and 1.20 is what you are likely going to see.  When you have a lower value, you are going to have a higher level of resistance to heat flow and increased insulation.  


The opposite of the U-Value is that of the R-Value. This is a number that you want to have on the higher end because it is going to help you figure out what the insulating value of the window is going to be.  


The solar heat gain coefficient is another number that you will want to read. This rating says how well the glass is going to block the rays of the sun from going through. A lower number is going to be better, with the range usually falling between zero and one.


Understanding how to read energy efficient labels is essential. When you are looking to buy windows for your Fernandina FL home, check out the label. Know what those numbers mean and be fully informed before making a decision. If you ever run into any confusion, we at American Windows are here to help guide you to exactly what you seek.