The design and planning process for a sunroom is something that demands creativity. You don’t just want to have a room with a bunch of windows, a sunroom is meant to be so much more! You want to plan it all out delicately and fine-tune details as you go, all with the plan of creating a room that’ll take advantage of your living space year-round.


Locate the Sun


We recommend doing a quick assessment of your home when you’re thinking about the design and planning process of a sun room. Every home is hit by the sun at different times and in different locations. It’s important to locate the time and place the sun hits your house so you can plan construction accordingly. This is going to help you figure out where the sunroom should be built, how big it should be and the direction to face your furniture. Just think about it…one day very soon you’ll be sipping a sweet tea (maybe with a splash of vodka, we don’t blame you), reading a book and soaking up the sun in the privacy of your own home.


Think of Function


You don’t want your new sunroom just to look nice, you want it to be functional. Start thinking about what you’ll use your new space for. If you plan on watching TV opposed to simply sunbathing, you’ll need to incorporate the right window fixture to make it possible. Don’t forget to factor in function when designing your sunroom, because the last thing you want is a beautiful space that sits there idly!


Window Placement


If you’re unsure where to turn in your sunroom planning process, look no further than the knowledgeable, trustworthy team at American Window Products. From the types of windows and doors to install to the curtains or drapes you decide to hang, we’re your go-to guys to get the job done right. We’ll work with you to figure out the best window placement and the best windows for energy efficiency and UV protection.

Incorporating a sunroom into your current house layout is a worthwhile project to undergo. The benefits are nearly endless, and we have no doubt you’ll appreciate your home’s improved functionality and the added square footage. American Window Products has installed some breathtaking sunrooms, and we have no doubt we can do the same for you.