It’s impossible to invite people into your home without them catching a glimpse of your front entrance. Your Jacksonville home’s curb appeal starts with the aesthetic you choose for your front door. It’s never wise to judge a book by its cover, but we’d be lying if we said the look of your entry door doesn’t say something about the interior. Fiberglass doors make a statement with their design, color, shape and material. Our American Window Products crew is here to help you make the right door choice for your home. 

A Colorful Fiberglass Door is Bold on Style and Efficiency

Jacksonville homeowners, especially residents at the beach, know how fun it can be to install a brightly colored front door. Common colors around Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra include salmon, turquoise and key lime. A front door that stands out from your neighbors automatically sets the tone for your visitors. 


Limitless customization is one of the top perks of fiberglass doors. This affordable door material can be crafted in the shape, size, color and texture you choose. In fact, it can even mimic wood if that’s the design you have in mind!

Opt for a Classic Wood Door for Your Historic Home

Along with fiberglass, the other top options you have for your front door replacement include wood and steel. Most homeowners narrow it down to one of these three materials, and the great people at American Window Products can walk you through the whole process, and find you a door that’ll best suit your needs and budget. 


If you decide wood is best for you, that’s likely because your sole focus is an old-world aesthetic. It’s important to make up for the lack of energy efficiency in other areas of your home. Updated triple-paned windows and a highly-rated HVAC system help to keep your home operating smoothly. 

Fiberglass Checks All the Boxes for a High-End Jacksonville Home

Whether it’s security, ease of maintenance, affordability or design you crave, fiberglass achieves your goal. When it comes to protecting the interior of your home, fiberglass doors provide the same strength as steel doors. Burglars and vandals don’t stand a chance. Additionally, Fiberglass strikes an excellent balance between quality and price point. Not only is the initial cost lower than a natural wood door, but the maintenance costs are also nearly nonexistent. 

Confidently Make the Right Choice with Our Professional Help

The front door of a Jacksonville home should never be an afterthought. As the focal point of your property’s exterior, it’s smart to put serious consideration into the aesthetic you choose. Whether you’re searching for a style for your custom home or simply want to update your current door, we’re here to help.


Everyone who works [at American Window Products] is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. Our windows are great quality and look great! Couldn't be happier. Recommend them to anyone needing windows.

- Lisa S., American Window Products 5-Star Google Review

You want your front door to make a statement, and we want your home to reap the benefits of contemporary door materials. Contact American Window Products today to discuss your design ideas and schedule your free estimate.