We’re in the midst of one of the strangest yet exciting holiday seasons. There’s so much to celebrate as we enter 2021. For those of us who have our health, our loved ones and hope for a great year ahead, we’re truly blessed. If you plan to host a group of your closest friends and family this holiday season, there are a few simple tasks to make your home appear in order. 

Clean and Tidy the Exterior of Your House

Any space your guests might see should be washed and returned to its original state. Pressure wash your entryway so the door, siding and windows are free of dust and debris. Serious projects like window installation and fresh paint should be finished a few weeks before your planned event. There’s no need to stress over large maintenance when you should simply worry about the finishing touches.


What finishing touches, exactly? Make your entryway more attractive with some fresh flowers, a wreath and some attractive lighting. The smallest touches can immediately set the tone for the festivities ahead. With such a whirlwind of a year, it’s important to put your loved ones at ease whenever possible. 

Freshen Up the Linens and Curtains

Every single fabric surface in your home traps odors, dust and debris. Over the course of a week, work your way through the soft surfaces in your home. Consider these items for your cleaning list:




Bath and hand towels

Area Rugs

Lamp Shades


A vacuum, some air deodorizer spray and a duster will do the trick. Larger messes or delicate items may require a trip to your local Jacksonville dry cleaner. As long as you list your responsibilities and spread them out over a few days, there’s no reason to stress when guests arrive. 

Go Over and Above with Some Finishing Touches

Think of what sets an average hotel apart from an extraordinary one. Aside from a heftier price tag and likely better views, it’s the little things that people notice. A warm welcome and thoughtful amenities are sure to make any guest feel at home. 


Some of our favorite ways to welcome family and friends include a stocked bathroom (lovely soap, shampoo, conditioner, fresh towels, a vase of flowers), an inviting guest room and plenty of snacks. Never underestimate the power of creature comforts. 

Enjoy Your Time With Loved Ones this Holiday Season! 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s not to take anything for granted. If you’re fortunate enough to spend time with your favorite people this holiday, treat them with love and with open arms. If you have any household projects that require window improvements, American Window Products is here to keep it stress-free. 


A great new year starts with smart and purposeful decisions. Make the choice to save money and spare yourself some stress by partnering with American Window Products. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.