Cost-effective Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

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The summer in Florida can be rough for those that are not fans of the heat.  The sun scorches, getting our homes to temperatures that are uncomfortable.  We do all that we can to keep the home fresh, working to push our air conditioning systems to the limits.  The result of this may be a cool home, but it is also likely to lead to energy bills that are above and beyond what you are comfortable paying.  When you focus on other areas, such as the windows in your Fernandina FL home, you may find some creative ways to keep the home cool and also save money.


The Cost of Old Windows


There is an energy cost that goes with having aging windows in your Fernandina FL home. Think about how to hold your windows are.  When was the last time you had them replaced? If you have windows that are more than a decade old, it is time to call us!  We want to help shed light on the many benefits that newer windows can bring.


New vinyl windows for your Fernandina FL are going to come with solid frames as well as multiple panes of glass.  This combination is going to help you immensely when it comes to insulation. The better the insulation that you have in the home, the more you are going to be able to take control of your energy usage.


The Air Conditioning System


The central air conditioning system that you have is going to be used primarily based on how well the home is insulated.  The system is going to get the home to the desired temperature.It is then up to the insulation of the home to help to keep it at that temperature.We lose so much of that cold air by allowing the heat from the outside to come in through our windows, walls, roofs, etc.Once it is inside, it is then that the system has to kick back on to cool the household once again.  


New windows in your Fernandina FL homework to reverse that trend.The more that the home is insulated, the better off you will be regarding monthly energy bills.The same can be said for replacing an aging front door with one that is newer, more insulated.  Making sure that the roof which your home has is also doing its part is another crucial factor. Aging siding, another active area to focus in on.Even just basic air conditioning maintenance like a tune-up or filter replacement can prove to be cost-effective to help cool the home efficiently.


There is a lot that you can do as a homeowner when it comes to keeping the home cool in a cost effective manner.  We want to work with you to help gauge the benefits new vinyl windows in your Fernandina FL can bring.If you are suffering from the summer heat, think about ways to cool the home cost-effectively.Work with us at American Window Products to make this a reality, cool the home, and reduce energy usage all in one shot!