Window placement is crucial for optimizing your home. Whether you’re building a house or you’re just looking to change up the exterior of your house, there are a few different reasons why you should be thinking about window placement. Our team at American Window Products wants to help you nail the locale of your new windows! As with any home improvement project, there are some pivotal points to factor in!



The first thing you need to consider with window placement is privacy. How much privacy do you desire for your home? You like the look of a window in the bathroom, but you must be cautious so you don’t create a privacy nightmare.


Think through your house from a privacy perspective as you work on the placement of windows. Some may like the idea of living in a very open space with natural light shining in, while others may like things more secluded. Window placement lets you create the privacy you desire throughout your home.


Natural Light

If you’re the type of person that enjoys lots of natural light, take that into account when arranging your home’s windows! For example, a big kitchen window is going to brighten the space immensely, changing the whole aura of the room! Natural light is an excellent way to brighten a room, save on electricity and make your home cozy and inviting. Our team of windows professionals has also seen homeowners that prefer artificial lighting, it all comes down to your preference!


Every Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also a factor in window placement. You may have a part of your home that gets a lot more sun than others. Take the sunrise and sunset directions of your home into consideration when you arrange your house’s windows. Nothing’s worse than the sun beating down on your kitchen while you’re trying to enjoy dinner. It could also be a big waste of the energy usage, especially in the summer. Be sure to think through energy efficiency, and if you need assistance, it’s an area of expertise for our team at American Window Products.


Safety and Security

We all worry about the safety and security of our homes. Say you have a baby room with a crib up against the wall. You may know the exact wall you plan on placing the crib, as well as the bed when he or she gets older. Would you want a window to be put right next to that location? Odds are, for safety and security reasons, the answer is no. This is an essential factor to consider when you plan out windows placement.


Window placement is important for so many reasons. Our team at American Window Products wants to help guide you through the process. We’ll take a methodical, personal approach with you so that you feel safe, comfortable and confident in the decisions you make with your new windows.