Jacksonville homeowners often sacrifice square footage and yard space for a breathtaking waterfront view. We get it! Some of the main reasons to live in the River City come down to boating, fishing and beach walks. One of the primary areas of concern we hear from our customers is how to use windows to make their home feel and appear bigger. American Window Products is one of the top window companies in Jacksonville, Fl for top-quality materials and installation at a price you can afford. Here’s the best advice you can get on how to maximize your square footage through strategic window selection:

Sliding Windows are Perfect for Limited Square Footage

Sliding windows use two sections of single windows to create a sliding effect. One window slides horizontally behind the other window to open or close your room to the fresh air. Window companies love this option for small spaces because it doesn’t take up extra square footage.


These windows make rooms like taller without shrinking the square footage. This option gives you more space on the wall and below the window for a window seat, hooks or artwork.

Skylight Windows are a Unique Approach to Natural Light

This is such a fun option for Florida homes! Take advantage of the year-round Jacksonville sunshine with an opening in your roof. Skylights can be as big or as small as you’d like and have the option to be operational.


Whether you opt for a stationary skylight or one that opens up to the fresh air, this is a great way to bring natural light into a room. And do you know what natural light does? It makes tiny spaces feel larger. Before you move forward with this option, keep in mind that it’s an expensive solution that requires tedious installation.

Fixed Windows are the Functional, Affordable Choice

Homeowners on a budget should start their search for new windows in this category. Because fixed windows are non-operational, their sole purpose is to shine light into your space in an unobtrusive way. A clear advantage of fixed windows is the incredibly low levels of heat and air loss you can expect. Do you know what that means? Lower energy bills each month.


Outstanding price, outstanding quality and installation. Jason was awesome to get me a great deal. Installers were fast and professional. I'd rate this transaction a 6 out of 5 if I could.

- Jason M., American Window Products Customer


Because a fixed window doesn’t move, it’s important to have alternative forms of ventilation in rooms with this window design. We don’t recommend this style for areas like the kitchen. If you want to maximize the size of these windows, consider a picture window variety. Picture windows have low profile frames which maximize the glass space.

Single and Double Hung Windows are Popular for Homes of all Sizes

There’s a good chance your home (or one you once lived in) has single or double hung windows throughout the rooms. Hung windows are an affordable, functional option for small houses in particular.


This window design consists of two window sashes stacked atop one another. For single hung windows, the bottom window can move up and down. Double hung windows allow both windows to be mobile and slide behind each other.

Chat With Your Local Window Companies to Discover Your Options are Endless

Limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design and functionality. The American Window Products team works within homes of every size you can imagine. We have the necessary experience to help you select the window design that’s best for your home’s layout and your family’s needs.


Great experience! I love my new windows. I am glad I opted for wrapping of the outside frame, it really made the windows look beautiful. A big thank you to everyone from my salesperson to the installation gentlemen to the office personnel who answered my questions and provided great customer service.

- T. Leme., American Window Products Customer


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If you have questions about the best window design for your space, our window experts have the answers. Reach out to us today to get started.