Many of us struggle with what to do with the tall windows we have in our homes.  They can be a great asset to have, but you also may feel a bit stressed as you struggle thinking about how to dress them up.  We put together a list of options to help with the tall windows in your Jacksonville FL home.  Our team at American Window Products has seen a lot done with these and are more than happy to help spark some creativity and inspiration for you and your home.


The Traditional Route: Drapery

The most traditional option we have seen homeowners go with when it comes to tall windows is drapery.  Drapery, when chosen correctly, can help make the windows feel very integral to the home and give them that classic vibe they deserve.

You can do a lot with drapery as you think through the curtain rod and the drapes themselves. Make sure you go with a rod that is not going to get lost with the window as well as drapes that are going to be able to make it to the floor. Valances and tiebacks are excellent additions to this solution to complement the design.


Lets Go Roman!

Roman Shades are another stylish choice when it comes to tall windows.  They are extremely elegant and make those windows have that classic vibe that lets them stand out in a crowded living space.  They are also very easy to lift up and lower, allowing you to have a lot of power over just how much natural light is coming in through the tall windows.


Bring On the Motors

You may like the idea of adding shades to a tall window, but you also may be worried about the effort involved in opening and closing them.  Cordless shades are not likely going to be an option unless you plan on getting on top of a chair or small ladder every time you want to open and close them!  What we see with tall windows in Jacksonville FL is a lot of times, people will go with a motorized shade.  They are less expensive than you probably think. They also allow you to raise and lower the curtains with the push of a button, rather than the struggle of reaching to that height.


Plants and Open Light

One of the great things about tall windows is the amount of light they allow into the home if you free them up to do that.  Let the open light in and dress up the windows further with plant treatments.  The plants will benefit greatly from the sun’s rays and your home will benefit as well from the visual arrangement.

We have seen a lot at American Window Products when it comes to dressing up tall windows in Jacksonville FL homes.  Make the most of those assets and let them complement any room in the home.  Tall windows should be elegant, yet epic at the same time.  Let them do what they do best and make your home that much more inviting and appealing.