We know the struggle when it comes to trying to figure out the best window choices for your bathroom. Bathroom windows bring forth some serious design dilemmas. It all comes down to striking a balance between privacy and also getting the right amount of light shining in. We can assist with decisions on bathroom windows in St Augustine, FL homes at American Windows.


We want to be the ultimate source to help you with your decision. Do not resign yourself to just basic, ordinary windows when it comes to your bathroom. Bathrooms big and small deserve an immense attention to detail in window design. We want to deliver you the very best windows for your St Augustine FL bathroom.  Our team is prepared, experienced and ready to assist you in your window decisions and installation needs.




A skylight above the bathroom ceiling is a fantastic feature to have. It is the ideal combination of privacy and natural light.  With the skylight being above, you do not have to worry about neighbors peeking through.  You can also let all of that incredible daylight just shine right in.  Something we have seen before is putting the skylight in the ceiling of the shower. The visual of looking up and out into the open air is an amazing experience.


Textured Windows


Textured glass is another ideal option for bathrooms. A bathroom window is a place where you can quickly lose a lot of privacy. You want to still get sunlight in when you put up the window so, something that is overly tinted is just not going to cut it. Textured glass, on the other hand, presents you with an alternative that gives you privacy, but also plenty of light coming through.  There are different variances of the depth of the textured glass as well, so the texture of some windows can be thicker than others to meet your needs.


Glass Block Windows


The glass block style of windows also needs to be mentioned here. Similar to the textured glass, you are going to get a lot of natural light without sacrificing any of the privacy that you want to keep inside your bathroom. If you want to amplify the space that much more, you can expand the window area as well and let the glass blocks fill up the full wall. This will give you a view to the outside with a lot of privacy built right in.


Recessed Window


A recessed window can be a great option if you are working with a small bathroom. These recessed windows in St Augustine FL bathrooms allow you to get that natural light, keep your privacy and also get some extra storage area. The ledges that go with them can be great options to allow you to store beauty products if it’s in the shower.


A lot can be done with the windows in your bathroom, whether it is a big or small space. Think about all of these options and let us at American Windows be your ultimate resource. Our customer service team is ready and willing to guide you down the path of window selection and installation. We are here when you are ready!