There are only a few materials that can be recycled time and time again.One of them is glass!Glass has the strength, quality and integrity for recycling, especially because it’s used in so many places around your home. As a top window replacement company in Jacksonville, we continue to see glass reused in new and exciting ways!


Homeowners can get very creative with glass without actually having to melt it down and re-mold it.Think outside of the box and you will be amazed at the many uses from recycling old glass!


The Makeup of Glass


Why is glass so recyclable?Glass creations come from sand, soda ash and limestone.Cullet is also a key ingredient.  Mixed at a heated temperature ranging from 2,600 to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit and molded to the desired output, you’ll then have glass!


Making a Bird Feeder


Do you have an empty wine bottle?Did you go through the process of cleaning it?Get a plank of wood and some essential tools, and you can make a bird feeder with ease!Just invert the wine bottle and give the birds a way to get the feed.A simple glass cutter can help you to make an opening for the little guys to get in there to eat.


Candy Jars


Are you looking to do something with your extra candy?Make a candy jar out of the glass you aren’t using. If you have a bunch of miniature bottles, create party favors for your next get together.  


Get Chalkboard Paint


You can do a lot with chalkboard paint.If you want to have containers to hold flour, sugar and other kitchen essentials, make use of what you have!Paint a square area on the glass with chalkboard paint so you can then label each jar with what is inside.Write the name of the ingredient, flour or whatever it may be, and off you go!


Rolling Pin


You may not think about glass as a way to help you with baking, but it can do wonders as a rolling pin!Find a long and skinny piece of glass.Roll dough with the pin and other things that may need it.  


Hold Your Boots


Do you have a bunch of empty bottles that are narrow at the top?Fill the empty bottles with pebbles so they have adequate weight at the bottom.You can then take your boots, flip them upside down and place them on each of the bottles to make a boot holder.


Be creative through glass recycling!You can do a lot more when you have a professional that can melt and re-mold the glass.Make use of glass and you can renew it time and time again.The reusability of the material is second to none.Our team of window replacement professionals in Jacksonville, FL has seen amazing things done with glass, and we hope to have inspired you with some of them.