Our Answers to the Most Common FAQs about Windows

Condensation in windows cause mold and moisture in the house


As a professional installer of windows, we get a lot of the same question.  Our customers often have many of the same things on their mind.  While we certainly do not mind answering the same questions over and over, we want to get as much info out there as possible to our customers!  We want to be able to provide you with our answers to the most common FAQs that we get about windows.  A window replacement project in Jacksonville should not be stressful or confusing. It could be clear-cut as something you can quickly decide on.


Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?


The most common question we get is about repairing or replacing windows.  A new window replacement project in your Jacksonville home is something that is very appealing.  Who doesn’t like something that is brand new and flashy?  Who doesn’t like windows you can quickly open, close and clean.


The decision as to whether or not you should repair or replace depends on the state of what you have.  Are the windows you have now truly a pain to operate daily?  Are any of them cracked or broken entirely?  If you answer yes, then it probably makes more sense to invest in a set of brand new vinyl windows.


How are my Windows Replaced?


We get a lot of questions around the actual job of installing new windows.  In most cases, we can use the frame that already exists.  We will remove the old window and insert the new window right into the frame that was there before.  You get the amazing benefits of high-efficiency glass and framing.  


If we cannot take this path, we frame the windows up entirely in the location so that they get that perfect fit.


Replace One or All Windows?


Does it make more sense to replace just one window or a whole set of windows for a house?  Chances are you are going to want to do the whole house at once.  The cost per window is going to reduce the more windows you have installed.  On top of that, the house is going to look that much more uniform when all of the same types of windows are used throughout the residence.  Once you start to mix old windows with new ones, it may not look right.


A window replacement project in Jacksonville should be something you enter into with a lot of solid information.  You want to have a good understanding of why you are replacing or repairing your windows, what the benefits will be and how to measure quality.  Our team at American Window Products wants to be your resource.  We are here for you!  Reach out to our team of customer service professionals to get the ball rolling on your project and get questions answered so you can gain comfort from the decision to finally give your home’s windows much-needed love.