Aluminum windows have been around for decades now as quality solutions for homeowners who need a  home window replacement in Jacksonville FL.  In recent years, though, it seems as if aluminum windows are gaining even more in popularity.  There was a time in the late 1990s and early 2000s that vinyl windows made a surge in the market, taking over the spot that aluminum windows used to enjoy, the same for wood.  Since then though, they are now once again approaching the same popularity level of vinyl, but why?  It all comes down to the big benefits aluminum brings to the home!


Superior Strength


One of the reasons why aluminum windows are so popular is due to the material’s strength.  These are windows which are incredibly strong and durable! When compared to vinyl and wood, there is no match.  Aluminum windows are seen as being more than 30 times stronger than wood and also far superior to vinyl. These are windows that are not going to be as likely to dent over time, show signs of damage from the elements, etc. They are here to stay and once installed will have the muscle to retain their visual appeal long-term.


Energy Efficiency


It was long thought that aluminum was a window material that was not as good in the energy efficiency department as vinyl or wood. Modern aluminum windows have bucked that trend though. They are now being manufactured in such a way where they are equal to vinyl in energy efficiency gains.The way that they utilize thermal breaks, insulation within the frames, as well as the combination of multiple panes of glass make this an ideal choice for the energy efficient-minded homeowner.Home window replacement jobs in Jacksonville FL are now being done just to get aluminum and the energy gains the material brings.


Low Maintenance


Do you think that you are going to have more maintenance if you go with aluminum windows?  Think again!  Aluminum is amazing when it comes to the need to do very little maintenance to them.Vinyl windows are known to warp as the years go by and the sun beats down on them.Wood is well documented to rot over the years as well.  Aluminum is going to give you neither of those issues.This is a non-ferric metal, meaning that it is not going to rust over time.  On top of that, the finishes that come on these windows are done in such a way where they will not chip either.You do not have to worry about the aluminum windows regarding maintenance needs.  They are about as easy as it gets!


There is a lot to like about aluminum windows. Once you get past the old belief that it is an outdated material to use for windows, you realize the many benefits modern aluminum manufacturing brings.  If you are in the market for a home window replacement in Jacksonville FL, you are going to want to be thinking aluminum.  Weigh that material right up there against wood and vinyl.  Talk to us about your options so we can help you decipher which will be best for your home!