5 Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay window with drapes, curtains and view of trees under summer sky

Would you like to add a unique charm to your home? With its refreshing appeal, bay windows are a great choice to give yourself a unique view of your surroundings. The way the light goes through them can gave an almost-dreamy appearance to your room. To enhance your bay windows’ attractiveness, American Window Products has some of the best treatments available:


The Classic Treatment

A traditional treatment for bay windows is to make them the centerpiece by placing light colored furniture and curtains around them. The furniture should be a more neutral tone, like a tan color, and should match the curtains. As the natural light shines through, you can have a chair in front of the windows and enjoy.  No matter which room you choose to install the windows in, they can be the focal point with this treatment.


Create a Work Space

Have you ever thought about using your bay window as the view to your personal work space? Many homeowners pull up a desk to the base of the window and make that space into a home office. With a fantastic surrounding view, you can enjoy your work even more. You could also get carpenters to build a desk right into the frame of the bay window to make it easier.


Incorporate the Kitchen

If the bay window just happens to be in the kitchen, why not try to work your kitchen table near it?  A narrow table can allow you to have seats on one end, and create a sitting bench on the other that is next to the bay window.  This can help conserve space in the kitchen and also create a unique and inviting sitting area.


Floral Display

Your bay windows are a great spot to do a floral display! You don’t necessarily need curtains in this scenario because the windows are the focal point. Decorate the window sill with flowers to bring in color and with this combination, you have a natural and gorgeous visual.


Bold Colors

A great way to amplify your bay windows is to use curtains with bold colors when decorating. Because the rest of the room might be more neutral, the bold colors will bounce off the windows to bring more attention to them. The colors will help show off the quality and detail in the window while the natural light bounces off of the lighter furniture and paint to fill the room with sunshine.


When thinking about a window treatment, it’s about enhancing the look of a quality home feature.There are so many ways that you can add functionality and decor to your new replacement bay windows.  Once you are finished with the treatments, the bay windows should make for an idealistic place to relax. Contact American Window Products for our great choices in windows and window treatments!