No matter the time of year, it always makes sense to save money for the holidays. The savings effort ramps up once summer comes to a close and autumn arrives. What are some ways that you can save extra cash?  How can you tackle home improvement tactics in the name of savings?It could be coming up with ways to save energy like with Low-E glass windows or storing pocket change in a safe location.


Save the Pocket Change


How many times have you had pocket change after making a purchase?You go and buy something at the store, and you end up with a few quarters and dimes in your pocket.What do you do with that extra money?You should make a concerted effort to save pocket change in the name of holiday spending.Have a dedicated piggy bank. After a few months go by you will be amazed to see it accumulate!


Cut Down on Energy Usage


Reduce energy usage inside of the home as much as possible.You can cut down on energy usage with curtains to insulate the home better, turning lights off when they’re not needed and paying close attention the thermostat.When you can do this, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save on your utility bills!


Skip the Daily Coffee Run


Do you buy a coffee every single day?You may think it’s only $3 or $4 that you are spending, but it can add up! Buying a daily coffee equates to spending more than $100 monthly.Skip the regular coffee run when you can and make one at home!You can save a lot of cash by taking this out of your routine.


Invest in Your Residence


You can also invest in your residence to save for the holidays.Talk to our team at American Window Products about Low-E glass windows for your Jacksonville, FL home.The reduction of drafts coming into the house and blockage of the sun’s UV rays can all reduce stress on your HVAC system.When you tie in lowering energy usage, home investment can lead to savings.


Save and Spend on a Budget


Make a determination early how much you plan to spend on holiday shopping.Plan to save up to the dollar amount. Post-holiday debt is a struggle for many people.Avoid it by saving a little bit weekly, so you have that budgeted amount on hand.Set up a separate savings account with weekly direct deposits from your pay!


Save up for the holiday season in creative ways!Our team at American Windows can help you think outside the box with ideas like Low-E glass windows for your Jacksonville, FL home.It also may be a matter of saving extra pocket change or cutting out the daily coffee run.The energy savings along with other improvement ideas can also prove beneficial.