Florida is a destination for tourists year-round, but the summer season brings even more visitors to our state. Also, many residents only spend part of the year in Florida and return to other parts of the country during the summer months. Either way, homeowners want to ensure their home is secure throughout the year.

Start with a simple home security audit to check the security level of your home. Inspect the quality of the locks for all the entry points to your home. Also, identify all areas including garages, outbuildings, windows and doors to ensure they are secure. Once you have identified the state of your current home security, follow these five tips to improve security in your home.


Replace Old Windows and Doors

The easiest way for a burglar to enter your home is through a window or door. Old windows and doors become less reliable overtime. The loss in resilience can make it easy to break a lock or force open a door. Replace old and outdated windows and doors, and add a quality deadbolt lock to the doors.


Don’t let broken windows sit unrepaired. Replace or repair them quickly so that your home safety isn’t compromised. Replacing old windows and doors not only makes your home more secure, it also adds energy efficiency and curb appeal. Old or damaged windows and doors put your home at risk.


For residents in Orange Park, FL and surrounding areas, American Window Products offers free in-home estimates for window replacement or repair. Choose from our wide selection of fiberglass doors or vinyl and aluminum windows to upgrade the security in your home.


Change the Locks

When you purchase a new home, you should change all of the external locks. You can’t know who may have copies of the existing locks from the previous homeowners. While this may seem daunting, remember, the easiest way to enter a home is through the door. This is especially true if the unwanted guest has a key.


Another time to change the locks is if your keys are lost or stolen. Especially if your wallet or other identifying items are taken at the same time, you want to secure your home from potential theft. Always report any theft including stolen wallets and keys to the police.

Also, keep your home secure by not making your house key freely available. If you’re not sure who may have a copy of your key, replace the locks and start fresh. A smart option is to install a keyless electronic door lock. This is a great option if you use service providers like a housecleaner or dog walker that regularly enters your home. Instead of needing to change the lock when your service provider changes, you can simply update the code as needed.


Install Alarm System

An alarm system is a great option to keep your home secure. If you leave your home empty for several months out of the year, this is one solution for your home security. An alarm company monitors the alarm system and is altered when the alarm is triggered. Both DIY and professional installation is available for home alarm systems. Depending on your budget and needs, you can select the option that is best for your home.

Smart technology also offers added home security without the need for a professional alarm service. Homeowners now have smart tools like automatic garage door openers, smart lighting, doorbell cameras and more to manage and watch their homes remotely.


Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a top deterrent of home burglary. As mentioned above, smart lighting technology is available to give homeowners remote control of lights. Every entry door to your home should have ample lighting. Install motion sensor lighting and flood lighting to the exterior of your home. LED lights now offer flood and motion sensor options for added energy efficiency

Also, inspect your outdoor lighting regularly and replace any burned out bulbs. If the bulbs aren’t working, they aren’t adding security. A well-lit properly not only deters thieves, it adds safety for you and your guests when entering or exiting your home in the dark.


Practice Secure Home Habits

One way to keep your home safe is by practicing good home safety habits. Always lock windows and doors at night and when leaving your home. Don’t leave first floor windows open when you’re out. Also, keep yard gates and garage doors closed when not in use.

If you are planning to travel, prepare your home for maximum safety. Install a timer for internal lights or use your smart light technology to turn lights off and on regularly. In addition, plan to have a trusted friend or neighbor check on your home periodically. Don’t let newspapers or mail pile up signaling that no one is home. Good home safety habits give peace of mind and protect you and your home.



Home Security Matters

Home should be a safe place. Homeowners can have confidence in the security of their homes when the necessary steps are taken to safeguard the property. These and other simple strategies can be incorporated keep your home secure whether you are home or away.


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