We do a lot of jobs across Jacksonville to both repairs and replacement windows. Window repair jobs come in all shapes and sizes, with complexities and variations within each that we account for. When we take on a job, we tend to see some repairs are more common than others. Since homeowners often ask us what some common window repairs are, we want to share them with you. Whether we’re servicing regular or Low E glass, the frame or fasteners, we pride ourselves in having the expertise to tackle any job.


Stuck Wooden Windows

You may think that you’re benefitting your home by painting the windows, but you could be causing them harm. Windows, especially wooden ones, get stuck closed for a variety of reasons. Usually one of the two leading causes is excessive dampness, causing the wood to swell, or paint that added too much girth to the window design. At American Window Products, have a variety of tactics for repairing stuck wooden windows.


Cracked Glass

Broken glass is another common repair we see with Low E glass windows. Just because your glass cracked doesn’t necessarily mean the entire window needs replacement. Instead, you might have the opportunity to replace that glass with a newer, more durable piece. You can keep the existing window frame intact, pending it’s still in good enough shape to justify it.


Leaks and Moisture

Do you notice that you have leaks and moisture making its way through the frames of the windows inside of the home? A common window repair we see is sealing windows to prevent these types of leaks from taking place. We see them time and time again and work to address the problem to avoid mold and rotting.


Rotted Window Sills

Speaking of rotting, wooden window sills can rot rather quickly. As the years pass by, heavy winds and rain do damage to the sills causing your windows to rot. Why replace the entire window when the sill can be swapped out and improved upon while preserving the quality window you already have? We handle repair jobs like this quite often!


Heavy Drafts

Drafts making their way through the windows can lead to a lot of energy loss inside of the home. We regularly work to repair windows with Low E glass. Sometimes it’s just a matter of redoing the caulking while other times it takes a bit more work. In the end, we want to help you regain your home’s energy efficiency!


The jobs listed above are just a few of the many repairs we see. We continuously see new repair needs from our customers, but you can rely on our experience and knowledge to tackle them one by one. Rather than immediately jumping to the conclusion that you have to replace your windows, consider the benefits of a repair instead!