Bathroom renovations are one key way to add value to your home. Upgrading your bathroom improves the atmosphere of your home and provides a clear return on your investment. Upgrade items like floors, cabinets, sinks, fixtures, lighting and windows to see the largest impact.

In communities like Palatka, remember to add window upgrades to your bathroom renovation project. The wear from storms can impact the integrity of your windows over time. Plus, upgraded windows improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal.


First Steps for a Bathroom Renovation Project:


Determine Your Budget


Before you meet with a contractor or tackle a DIY project, first determine your budget. Defining your budget allows you to understand the parameters of your project from the start.


Define Your Goals


After you determine your budget, define your goals for the project. Do you want to create a modern look or are your preparing your home for a sale? Your goals determine the end result of your bathroom renovation project.


Create an Inspiration Board


Visit your local home design center or search online to get inspiration for your upcoming bathroom renovation project. Your Inspiration board or notebook will help to make meetings with your contractor or designer more productive. It will also allow these professionals to help you understand whether your inspirational style matches your budget and goals.


5 Inspirations for Bathroom Renovation Projects


Small Bathroom


A small bathroom can create a challenge for renovations. You want to maximize your space in a way that also incorporates your personal style. Regardless of whether you renovate your half-bath, guest bathroom or small master bathroom, the principle is the same – create more space with less.


The benefit of a smaller bathroom project is it’ll likely take less time and money to update. On the other hand, you may have fewer options on how to arrange things or find storage solutions for the space. Even though the space is smaller, hiring a professional designer helps you find creative solutions for your space.


Choose light colors for the floors and walls in order to make the space feel larger. Also, add lighting that brightens the space. Consider replacing a cabinet sink enclosure with a pedestal sink to add space. If you are renovating a small bathroom with a shower, add tile all the way to the ceiling for a seamless look. Finally, use mirrors wisely to create the illusion of more space.


Luxury Bathroom


Luxury bathroom updates require a higher budget and more time. As expected, luxury features like granite or marble countertops create a luxurious feel, but also cost significantly more than lower-end options.


However, the possibilities are endless for the styles and features you can incorporate into a luxury bathroom. Popular features include smart technology like high-tech toilets and smart lighting. Another luxury element to consider is heated flooring.


For the more visual elements, add oversized windows to incorporate natural light. Natural stones and earth-tones are still popular for a spa-like luxury feel. For a truly luxurious experience add a double shower head.


Kid Friendly Bathroom


For children, functionality and durability are key. Incorporate fun and bright colors in the design elements. Also, if your children are old enough, let them have a say in the design. Remember, children grow up quickly, so choose the foundational details like the floors and countertops that are basic enough in style to grow with them.


One key component for your children’s bathroom is plenty of storage. For young children, you want a place to store bath toys and diapering gear. For older children and teenagers, you will want a place for all their grooming accessories.


Choose surfaces that are slip-free and easy to clean. Also, stick with materials that are durable and low-maintenance. Have fun with the space, but also make it work for your family’s needs.


Accessible Bathroom


The aging Baby Boom generation increases demand for more accessible bathrooms like wheelchair accessibility and grab bars.The ADA offers specific guidelines for bathroom accessibility.


However, just because you incorporate certain accessibility features does not mean the space can’t be beautiful. You can still choose paint colors, tiles and floors that match your style. Also, remember to incorporate natural light to make the bathroom feel bright and fresh.


Focus on the details when making a bathroom accessible. Incorporate a tilted mirror, shower seats and lower light switches to make the bathroom functional for the user.


Low Budget Bathroom


Not all renovation projects have to break the bank. If you have a low budget for your bathroom renovation project, you can still add features you love. With a lower budget, you must prioritize your desires.


Focus on items that give the most improvement for your money. Also, with a lower budget, you may need to do more of the work yourself. However, you want to hire a professional for jobs that require expertise like plumbing, electricity and window installation.


To stay on budget, select more affordable materials for countertops and flooring. Also, paint cabinets instead of replacing them. Refinish instead of replacing your tub to save money. Plan carefully to give your bathroom a fresh, new, budget-friendly look and feel.


Bathroom upgrades are a good investment when done right. Consider your style, budget and goals before you start. Also, consult a professional interior designer and contractor for help. Remember to pay attention to the details like replacing old windows and updating faucets to complete your look.


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