We all want to keep our homes from looking outdated and reap the benefits of modern features. For homes in Florida, the need to modernize often includes making rental homes appealing or repairing damage from hurricanes. From painting your whole house to simply replacing outdated windows in your Jacksonville home, here are five ways to modernize your house on a budget:


Update Trim Paint

Coastal homes often suffer abuse from the weather resulting in the exterior paint looking worn and damaged. Taking on the task of repainting an entire home can be costly and time-consuming. One creative and price conscious way to update your home’s exterior is to add a complimentary, modern color to the trim.

By only painting the trim, you’ll save yourself an immense amount of time and money. Because this project is less involved, you may even be able to do it yourself! If you decide to outsource, make sure to hire a professional with great references and necessary credentials. It’s also wise to ask if they provide a guarantee for the quality of their work.

Neutral paint colors offer a more modern appeal and stand the test of time. However, Florida coastal homes often include cool coastal-inspired blues. Homes in inland towns like Gainesville may opt for more traditional southern home styles or HOA mandated paint colors. The important thing when updating paint trim is to stick with colors that match the style, location, and HOA rules for your home.

Replace Old Windows

Old, outdated or broken windows make homes look worn and dated. Replacing your windows will cost more than some other home projects. However, window replacement has a long list of added benefits that other home improvement projects just can’t stack up against. If you’re looking to modernize your windows in one of the most cost-effective ways, aluminum windows are a great choice.


These windows are high-quality, durable and eliminate the need to paint because of their baked-on enamel finish. They stand up to the wind, rain and sun exposure of the Florida weather. Adding windows to Orange Park homes and other coastal areas is especially beneficial. The durability of aluminum windows makes this product a great investment. Not only will aluminum windows make your home look fresh and modern, they provide additional security. You simply can’t go wrong by investing money in replacing the old windows in your home. 


Update Landscaping

The curb appeal of your home impacts your home’s value. While hiring a landscape designer to rework your entire yard is costly, you can pick and choose a few strategic places to update on your own. Start with the space closest to your front door and replace any unhealthy plants and cut back any growth that blocks windows or doors. Clean up any unwanted plants or nasty weeds that bleed into walkways.

By simply cleaning up your current landscaping and replacing dead trees or plants, your yard will automatically look refreshed. Want to go one step further? New mulch or rocks add an even cleaner look without much cost. Whether you only clear out debris or go all in with a new landscape style, updating the look of your yard will modernize your home and add curb appeal.  

Add New Exterior Doors

The doors leading into your home are used frequently throughout the day and are constantly exposed to the harsh Florida environment. This daily usage and exposure can add wear and tear to the doors, potentially causing them to start appearing worn and dated. One affordable and creative option is to step away from the traditional wood door and choose a fiberglass door.

Fiberglass doors are more affordable and durable than other traditional external doors meaning you can easily update all of your external doors to fiberglass without breaking the bank. If you’re a traditionalist and want the look of a wood door without the added cost, your fiberglass door can be crafted to resemble wood. The benefit to you is that in addition to saving money, fiberglass doors won’t warp like wood doors and hold up better to the humid Florida climate.

If you want your door to stand out with a modern paint color or match your home’s trim color, fiberglass doors can be painted. Modern fiberglass doors are crafted to hold paint for long-lasting color. This option may be one of the easiest, most affordable ways to update your home’s exterior. The best part is with quality, modern fiberglass doors you won’t even be able to tell the difference from a more pricey alternative.

Update Porch Furniture

One quick and easy way to modernize your home’s exterior is with new outdoor furniture. The options are limitless and all comes down to your budget and personal preference. Regardless of your price range, you’ll be able to find an option that works for your home. Sites like Craigslist offer resale items that may be perfect for your home. Big box retailers like Target and Lowes carry affordable lines of outdoor furniture. One modern trend is reusing old products. The farmhouse style especially utilizes older pieces together with newer items to achieve the perfect combination.

If your budget doesn’t allow for the purchase of new outdoor furniture, you can still update your look. Take the time to clean existing furniture and painting old pieces to achieve the modern look you desire.


Modernizing your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Take inventory of your home’s current state to determine how best to use your home improvement budget. Invest in quality, durable products like aluminum windows and fiberglass doors. Think about handling easier projects like painting trim or updating landscaping yourself to save money.

Contact the American Window Products team for a free in-home consultation and estimate if you’re interested in updating your windows or doors. We can’t wait to hear from you!