4 Ways to Increase the Privacy in Your Home

Half opened door to a living room. Door handle, door lock. Lounge door half open. Opening door. Welcome, privacy concept. Entrance to the room. Door at white brick wall, modern interior design.


The vast majority of us have no interest at all in living inside of a fishbowl.  We want our privacy.  That is the very reason why we go to such great lengths to try and make our homes as private as possible.  Have you ever given privacy a lot of thought, though?  Do you sometimes feel, when sitting in the living room of your home, that the world can just look inside and see what you are doing?  You may have an interest in really increasing the level of privacy your home employs.  If that is the case, we want to work with you to help enhance the privacy of the home, whether it be through upgrades at the time of window repair jobs in your Jacksonville home or through other improvement activities.


Adding Shades


One of the easiest ways to add privacy to the home is to put up some shades simply.  Some shades that are sold will be more privacy-oriented than others.  Some shades will provide no privacy at all. Have this consideration in the back of your mind as you are shopping for these. Think about the level of privacy that you are looking for and how much the shades are going to help you in this space.  


Installing Blinds


Just like shades, blinds take things even a step further when it comes to the privacy department.Blinds that darken a room are great, especially during the day when you want to watch a movie and are battling the glare of the sun shining through. The window repair jobs we see in Jacksonville often result in homeowners using it as an opportunity to increase privacy, to lock things up a bit more inside of the home.


Privacy Glass


Have you ever heard of privacy glass?  If you have a window in your bathroom, for example, this is going to be something you want to consider!  When we do window repair jobs in Jacksonville or replacement work, privacy glass is often recommended. The glass is made in such a way that it has a material between the panes which will block the outside world from seeing in clearly.Bathrooms with a window in the shower are going to be the best candidate for this type of glass.There can be many other uses for it though that can increase privacy.


Tinting the Windows


Ever thought about tinting your home windows?  There are ways to do this so that you can still see right outside, but block those neighbors from being able to see in.  The level of privacy that you get from tinted windows really cannot be matched, and it is always going to be there. If the goal as part of your window repair work in your Jacksonville is to create more privacy, this is a significant and permanent way to do that!


There are plenty of options in the market when it comes to being able to create more privacy for you as a homeowner.  You can do a lot with shades and blinds.  You can even take things up a step further with privacy glass, as well as adding tint to the panes.  Work with us at American Window Products, and we can help you come up with creative ways to add more privacy to your home than you ever thought possible.