4 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool this Summer

Closeup view about using some appliance such as air condition.


The heat of summer can be mentally and physically draining.  When you step outside, and you immediately begin to sweat as a result of the heat, the humidity, all you want is to find an escape.  Your home should serve as that place of refuge, a location that you can go to hit the reset button and cool off.  What are some tips that you can follow, though, to successfully keep your house cool?  Your team of professionals here at American Window Products has some ideas to help!


Upgrade to Low E Glass

One of the best tips that we always provide to our customers is to update the glass on their windows so that they have Low E glass windows in their Jacksonville FL homes.  There is a big difference between standard glass and Low E glass.


When windows are manufactured as Low E glass, what is going to happen is a coating is going to be applied to the windows at that time.  The coating is completely invisible, but it is going to be there and working efficiently.  What the Low-E glass coating will do is push back against the heat of the sun as it is beating down.  It reflects the sun, the harmful UV rays, and that heat, back outside rather than allowing it to penetrate through.  This can help to keep your home fresh.


Check for Drafts

You are also going to want to check to see if you have windows that have drafts coming through them.  A sign of this could be when it is a bit windy out, putting your hand near the edge of the window where it meets the wall.  Do you feel any air passing through?  If so, you may want to get one of our professionals out to your home for a repair job. We can work to replace the seal, the caulking so that the windows can get back to doing their job effectively to keep your home cool rather than just letting the heat go right through.


Securely Leaving Windows Open

An excellent way to cool the home, especially at night when that gentle breeze is coming, is to be able to leave our windows open safely.  So many have old windows, though, where they want to close them entirely so that they can feel safe.  Newer windows that we can install let you open the windows and then lock them to a point.  If you have little children and windows are near their bed, for example, this is a wonderful way to securely leave a window open without having to worry about them opening it wider than they should.


Shades Can Be Powerful

Using shades that are designed to help in the energy efficiency department can also prove to be helpful.  These shades will work similar to how the Low-E glass works in that it can work to deflect the sun backward and send all of that heat back outside.  Though not as useful as Low E glass, this is a great solution that you are going to want to consider, especially if you are not ready just yet to replace the current windows that you have.


Keeping the home cool is something that we all strive for in the Southeast when those warm days come along.  The heat and the humidity can be rough, and it is up to us to keep our homes cool so that we have that relief that we so desperately need.  We at American Window Products can help you with a Low E glass windows installation in Jacksonville FL or whatever another method you want to try out to keep the home cool.  Take action before the humidity sets in so you are ready for proactive relief.