Home upgrades are a necessary part of property ownership. While they aren’t always as fun as a spontaneous vacation or a new golf cart, they do offer an ROI (return on investment) you can’t get anywhere else. New windows are a cyclical investment you simply can’t put off. If you experience costly energy bills, uncomfortable indoor humidity or lacking curb appeal, it may be time to begin your budget. Here are four ways our Jacksonville customers save money for important home updates:

Strategy #1 – Check Into Your Home Insurance Coverage

Every home insurance policy is different. Before you spend money on any home maintenance or upgrade, it’s important to understand what your policy includes. The good news is, there’s a possibility your insurance company will pay for your broken or worn windows. 


An All-Risk Policy, for example, likely covers the total cost of the new window no matter the cause of damage. On the other hand, Named-Peril Policies only cover new windows if the damage is caused by one of the clearly outlined bullet points. It’s important to factor in the deductible, regardless of your coverage. If the deductible is $1,000 but the new window is only $500, then it’s smart to pay out of pocket. 

Strategy #2 Spread Out the Payments Over Time with Special Financing

You have a few different options when it comes to financing new windows for your Jacksonville home. When you finance directly through American Window Products, your low-interest loan goes through GreenSky. This is one of your most straightforward options with the least amount of hassle.


Other financing possibilities include a HELOC (home equity line of credit), personal loan with your bank, refinancing your mortgage or a credit card. We recommend you be strategic with the option you select. Take a close look at repayment terms, interest rates and penalties. 

Strategy #3 Upgrade Your Windows One Room at a Time

While this isn’t always the most cost effective option in the long run, it’s a whole lot easier to pay for a few windows at a time. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to replace the windows in their first floor months (or years) before they upgrade the second floor windows. 


New windows are certainly an investment. Chat with your American Window Products salesperson about special pricing for windows purchased in bulk versus the cost of room-by-room. Another clear perk of partnering with our team is the free installation we offer on six or more windows

Strategy #4 Find Out if an Affordable Repair is a Short-Term Option

You can sometimes get away with a bandaid before you dive in for the big repair. Whether your windows suffer from some cracked glass, a broken seal or another common issue, there’s a chance you can invest in a low-cost repair. A quick way to find out is to take our quiz


You might be able to spend a couple hundred dollars on a quick repair that allows you time to save for the full replacement. Give American Window Products a call for a free estimate so you can begin to plan out your monthly savings. For example, $3,000 of new windows requires you to save $250/month for 12 months. 

Partner with the Company Your Neighbors Trust with their Windows

We’ve been a part of the Jacksonville window installation community for 30+ years, so there’s a good chance we’ve already done work on your street. Our team understands the huge investment you make when you choose to spend money on new windows. 


We appreciate the professionalism of your entire staff & crew. Everyone was prompt, courteous and considerate. Thanks for an excellent experience!

– Bill O., American Window Products Review


For financing and pricing options, just give us a call. We work hard every day to get you the best prices for top-quality windows.