There are plenty of home improvement projects that are worth doing on your own. Anything from painting your walls to building a deck doesn’t always take an expert, but there are certain projects you’re better off leaving to the pros. When you start thinking about replacing your doors or windows, hiring a professional can save you lots of stress (and even money) in the long run.


Replacing an Exterior Door


The first home improvement project you shouldn’t attempt on your own is the installation of new doors. The exterior doors of your home directly affect its security, energy efficiency and curb appeal. When you start to think the various home improvement projects you could do on your own, take this one off the list.


A lot goes into replacing an exterior door. First, the current door must be completely removed.  From there, it’s all about sizing up the door in the slot, working with the siding to cut it into place, making sure it’s level then properly seal it. Installing new doors is a serious project that should be handled by a professional.


Window Replacements


A window replacement project is another one of the few projects that definitely isn’t a DIY. Our team of professionals at American Window Products has years of knowledge and experience in dealing with this type of work. Similar to exterior doors, there’s a lot of planning and precision that goes into replacing windows. New windows need to be weather tight, properly trimmed and perfectly level. When you don’t possess the proper skills or experience, you open yourself up to a slew of potential problems.


Electrical Upgrades


Do you need to upgrade your electrical system? Any electrical work is absolutely something that should be left to a very skilled professional. Electricians are busy for a reason, and it’s because they know how to safely carry out necessary electrical upgrades. If you try to do electrical upgrades on your own, you pose a risk to yourself and your home.


Updating the Roof


The process of replacing a roof, similar to window replacement projects, is something best left to an expert. The roof of your home is the top line of defense against any harsh weather (which, let’s face it, is inevitable in Jacksonville). The process of stripping the old roof and replacing it with a new roof needs to be handled with a professional’s attention to detail.  Updating of your roof should be a professional’s job, not something you try to do on your own.

Plenty of home improvement projects falls into the DIY category. At the same time, many others are a little too difficult and important to be left in the hands of an amateur. Tough jobs like door and window replacements are the reason American Window Products exists. We can’t wait to help you tackle the home improvement projects that are a little out of your reach.