3 Ways to Reuse an Antique Door in Your House

Rustic vintage door knob on antique door wood. Door knob and keyhole made of brass on the old wooden door. Door knob for background.


You may have decided that it is time to replace that incredibly aging interior or exterior door.  At this point, it truly is an antique!  What are you to do with the door?  Should you just throw it in the trash or try and make something good out of it?  Getting creative is a great thing and having an antique door lying around is like having a blank canvas that is ready to be painted!  Whether you do the project as part of a home window repair effort in your Jacksonville FL or on its own, you can do a lot with an antique door.


Create a Swing on the Porch

One of the best uses that we have seen for an antique door is to use it as a swing on the porch. You can do a lot with a swing, and when you have the character, the artistic flair that an antique door brings, it makes that much more of a centerpiece.  If you have a few antique doors laying around you can only combine the two, and then do some work with the help of your local hardware store and Google to connect the pieces, along with some rope, to create a comfortable swing you can relax on and enjoy the outdoors. Swinging out on the porch is an incredibly relaxing and rewarding experience that can be made better with an antique door in play.


Sliding French Doors

Sliding french doors are another great creation that can be crafted fairly quickly with the use of an antique door. These doors are going to be able to swing open and closed once you hook them up to the appropriate hardware.  The trick here is to make sure that the sliding doors are attached to a load bearing wall, as the weight that is going to be placed on them is going to be fairly significant.


It is possible though to create this sliding french door look, like a barn door style. Even if you only have one antique door, you can use this a closet, to separate a hallway from a room in the home, or through other variations.


Make a Sofa

Have you ever thought about making a couch out of old doors that you have lying around the house?  Throw “doors turned into a sofa” into a Google search, and you are likely to be amazed at what you come up with.  This is easy to do!  You may not think a home window repair job in Jacksonville FL is a do it yourself project, but turning a door into a sofa fits that bill.  There are many variations of this, some of which are going to have a straight up and down design, while others will allow you to lean back in a bit more comfort.


A lot can be done inside of the home with antique doors.  It is all about using your imagination, getting creative.  We at American Window Products can help you with the replacement of a door, a home window repair job in your Jacksonville FL home.  Once you are left with that aging, antique door, make something of it!  Get those creative juices flowing and grab onto a do it yourself project that can take your interior home aesthetics to the next level.