3 Reasons You MUST Use Hurricane Fabric

Teenage son helping his father board up the windows of their house in preparation for a hurricane or tornado.


Have you ever heard of hurricane fabric?  You probably have been through your fair share of storms or at least heard of all of the standard ways you protect your home, but this is a new evolution.  Technology changes and as homeowners we must embrace it!  We want to avoid home window repair needs for our Jacksonville FL homes as much as possible.  The more we can protect our homes during a hurricane, the better of we will be.  One of the best ways to do that is to employ what is known as hurricane fabric.  The days of hanging plywood are over once you try this new solution!


Protecting Your Home

The single biggest reason as to why you must use hurricane fabric to protect your investment, your home!  The home that you own is probably your biggest asset.  You want to protect the shingles, the windows, everything.  We get a lot of home window repair jobs in Jacksonville FL every year.  Hurricanes are usually the top suspect!  What many do not realize is that a lot of these repair needs could have been avoided if the windows were just protected enough. When you have hurricane fabric that is exactly what you are going to be able to do, as the security they provide your windows against the elements is second to none.


Easy to Install

Hurricane fabric is going to be simpler and much safer to put up compared to the old tried and true method of plywood.  Ever look outside before a hurricane and see your neighbors out there?  They are up on ladders hanging plywood, trying to protect windows and such.  This is a dangerous task!  With hurricane fabric, getting that protection around the windows is much easier and also safer.  You are not going to be running the same level of risk as you would trying to hammer plywood up with a massive hurricane breathing down your neck.


Low Cost of Entry

There is a low cost of entry when it comes to hurricane fabric.  This fabric is much less expensive than you think! You can get the fabric so that you can protect all of the windows of your home for far less than it would cost to have a home window repair job in your Jacksonville FL after the fact.  You want to be proactive when it comes to securing your windows and your entire home before a hurricane, and this is the lowest cost of entry to do just that!


Our team at American Window Products wants to help you protect your home, your biggest investment!  We take pride in providing tips to help you avoid home window repair jobs in Jacksonville FL.  We want to give you guidance whether it is through helping you choose hurricane shutters or trying out the evolutionary hurricane fabric products. The fabric is an absolute must-own for all of the reasons listed above and more.  It has redefined the way so many protect their homes when a hurricane is in sight, and it can help you too!