Sliding glass doors add many design and functional advantages to a home.  Our team of replacement windows professionals in Jacksonville, FL have seen homeowners opt for sliding glass doors over standard windows regularly. Expanding your current window and turning it into a sliding glass door may be the home transformation you have been missing!


Energy Efficiency

One reason to consider sliding glass doors this fall is energy efficiency.  Everyone wants to reduce energy usage. Sliding glass doors can be efficient home insulators.  They are effective at keeping the home warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer.


Think of a sliding glass door as a weather and sound barrier.  The sliding glass doors will work to keep drafts out, as well as rain and even dust.  Noise from the outside will also be reduced.


Natural Outdoor Flow and Light

Flow is a big word in the home remodeling game.  You want to have an indoor and outdoor flow that brings the spaces together.  Sliding glass doors can tie your kitchen area with your outdoor patio and make it easy to carry what’s outdoors right inside.  The large glass panes of the sliding doors bring views of the landscaping no matter the temperature outside.  It also helps to create a picture of the outdoors, making the indoor space seem more prominent.


Beyond the outdoor flow comes the natural light.  The extra large panes of glass that make up the doors allow for maximum natural light to shine. As the days get shorter in the fall leading into winter, this gets more valuable.


Save on the Space

A sliding glass door can also save on space.  The door is going to glide open and closed on a track.  If you do not have the clearance to have a hinge, where the door swings open and closed, a slider is an ideal solution.  The door will just slide over another panel rather than having to open and close widely.


Sliding glass doors are a great home improvement consideration for this fall season.  Our team of replacement windows professionals in Jacksonville, FL can help you with sizing and installation.  Enjoy several of the benefits we have highlighted above as you head into the fall and winter months.  Experience what a sliding glass door can offer by reaching out to us today!