You’ve done it! You finally took the leap and purchased replacement windows for your Jacksonville home. Get ready for a prettier interior and exterior, better resale value and lower energy bills. But first, you need to decide how to get those new windows into their rightful places.


The only options you have are to hire a professional or install the windows on your own. This is a huge decision that can’t be taken lightly. Bad window installation can ruin your home’s aesthetic and the many benefits of replacement windows.

True, Unbiased Advice on the Best Choice for Window Installation

We know, it sounds a little hard to believe that a window company can remain impartial about DIY installation. After 30+ years serving the Jacksonville community, the American Window Products team has seen too many botched jobs. At the end of the day, it simply costs homeowners more if the installer makes even the slightest mistake. Here’s our best advice for when it comes to considering a DIY installation:

You Could Lose the Boost in Energy Efficiency

When you see new window models boast energy-saving benefits, that’s only if the installation is absolutely perfect. Lower energy bills and an improvement in temperature regulation only happen with weather tight windows.


If you opt to install your own windows and they’re off by even just a millimeter, you’ll lose all of the energy benefits of replacement windows. When your energy bills begin to increase instead of decrease, you’ll end up a calling a professional to fix the issue.


Great experience! I love my new windows.  I am glad I opted for wrapping of the outside frame, it really made the windows look beautiful.  A big thank you to everyone from my salesperson to the installation gentlemen to the office personnel who answered my questions and provided great customer service.

– T. Leme, American Window Products Google Review


Your Home May Experience Damage

The worst possible issue that could come from installing your own replacement windows is expensive damage to your house. Structural problems won’t just cost an arm and a leg to repair, but they can cause serious problems for your home in the long run.


Costs to repair the damage will add up to far more than simply hiring a professional from the beginning. Don’t forget about the risk you run of damaging your brand new windows, too. Bent frames and cracked glass are all common results of DIY window installation.


They did an outstanding job and doing business with them was very easy and a pleasure.  The installation team was very professional and I’m very happy with my new windows. Would recommend this company over anyone else in Jacksonville.

– P. Jones, American Window Products Google Review

Your Windows Must be Up to Code

Could you 100-percent, without a shadow of a doubt, pass a home inspection after a DIY window installation? Probably not. Poor installation can lead to the need for new replacement windows when selling your Jacksonville home. Not only that, you could also face serious construction fines.


All of the professionals at American Window Products completely certification programs that follow all local, state and federal laws. At the end of the day, saving a few bucks just isn’t worth the risk.


Jonah and Josh were always on-time, professional, courteous and they paid great attention to detail.  They sealed up around all the new windows and went above and beyond the call of duty. The new windows are beautiful and I experienced the benefits of the new energy efficient windows day one!

– Renee D., American Window Products Google Review

Forget the Stress and Entrust Your Project to the Pros

Our American Window Products installation experts install every window to exceed your standards. We work diligently to avoid errors and give your family the results you want.


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