30May 2018
storm doors in Jacksonville fl

Hurricanes are a way of life for Florida residents. Prepare and protect your home for the long storm season that runs from spring until fall each year. Homeowners can take steps to secure the roof, foundation, windows and doors in Jacksonville and other Florida communities. Also, ensure your family knows the plan when a hurricane Continue reading »

23May 2018
Modern business office with multiple workstations around table style desks with cabinets, tiled grey floor and large windows with blinds. 3d Rendering.

Summer’s almost here! Homeowners usually focus on two areas for summer – enhancing the exterior of the home and keeping the inside cool. Make the outside of your home look great so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. Also, create energy efficiency inside your home to maintain a cool temperature while minimizing your energy Continue reading »

15May 2018
window replacement Jacksonville fl

Bay windows add character and curb appeal to your home. A strategically positioned bay window boosts the outside appeal of your home by adding dimension. The inside design is enhanced with additional space, style and depth.   American Window Products offers bay window replacement for Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Our window experts help you Continue reading »

27Apr 2018

  Florida is a destination for tourists year-round, but the summer season brings even more visitors to our state. Also, many residents only spend part of the year in Florida and return to other parts of the country during the summer months. Either way, homeowners want to ensure their home is secure throughout the year. Continue reading »