Commercial office spaces have a different set of demands when it comes to windows. Whether you own a local restaurant or a large warehouse, the windows you choose for your property serve a very important purpose. Our American Window Products professionals offer over 30 years of window installation experience for homeowners and business owners. Are you a business owner or manager in the Jacksonville area? We’re here to help. Read on for everything you need to know before you purchase new windows for your business. 

Vinyl Windows Lower Long Term Operating Costs 

Efforts to reduce your monthly energy expenses should take center stage when planning for new windows. Certain materials and features work wonders in terms of cost and comfort. Depending on the size and age of your commercial space, it could be the difference of thousands of dollars each year. 


Modern vinyl windows are constructed with energy efficiency and durability in mind. When paired with other alluring factors like Low-E glass, vinyl windows are the perfect choice for a business. Work closely with your American Window Products salesman to design and size the perfect windows for your property. 

Hurricane Protection is a Smart Investment for Jacksonville Businesses

Many of our favorite small and large businesses are located close to waterways around Florida. Whether you’re near the Intracoastal, the ocean or a smaller body of water, hurricane surges affect countless homes and businesses around Jax. Precise window installation coupled with hurricane shutters or fabric creates the perfect defense against strong wind and rain. 


Every business owner knows the importance of protecting their offices from harm. Smart and proactive owners like you invest in top-notch security monitoring, the right insurance and quality property features. Preventing storm damage through modern hurricane protection is no exception. 

Aluminum Windows Offer Clear Benefits to Business Owners

American Window Products partners with over 16 different window manufacturers to offer you countless different models. Aluminum windows are some of the highest quality and most durable models on the market. This is a great option for buyers with a bigger budget. 


Every window in our curated collection includes a baked enamel finish, a convenient tilt feature and added security benefits. A free in-office consultation allows us to pair you with the perfect window design for your office space. 

Transform Your Workplace With Door and Window Installation

Your modern commercial space starts with American Window Products. Updated windows and window features are the easiest way to elevate your office. Functional benefits like energy efficiency and security make new windows a no-brainer in 2021. 


I had a great experience with AWP. They installed a large arch window. The installation was quick and professionally done with no mess whatsoever. I have had a lot of companies not show up, not have the right equipment, or leave a mess behind. This company did none of that. The pricing was much better than expected. They are an A+ team!

- Bryce, American Window Products 5-Star Review


It’s our job at American Window Products to provide the perfect windows and window installation for your home and office. From custom aluminum designs to the addition of hurricane fabric, we’re here to help. Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation