It’s the little details that typically give a house that “wow” factor. Oftentimes, shutters can give that effect. Whether it’s classically fixed shutters on a historic colonial home, radical turquoise shutters on a beach house or interior shutters on a ranch style home, plantation shutters can be just what your house needs to give it that “wow” factor. One thing we love about Jacksonville homes is the diversity, so we’ve pretty much got it all style-wise. You’ll see all different shapes and sizes when it comes to window treatments. All of these options can be great or they can be overwhelming and leave you with nothing but questions. Does my house even work with plantation shutters? Is it worth the investment? Should I worry more about functionality or aesthetic? Are they even in style anymore? Relax, sit down and get comfortable, here’s the scoop on plantation shutters:


Louvered Shutters


Think your home needs a little something to add a spark to your curb appeal? Some exterior shutters can definitely do the trick. Most of the time plantation shutters are ideal for controlling your natural lighting, but there’s another type of exterior shutter in the same family as plantation shutters, called louvered shutters. Louvered shutters are commonly seen in traditional colonial homes. They add that extra bit of detail that can give your home a sharp look. If you’re worried your home looks a little outdated, giving your shutters a vibrant paint job can electrify your house’s vibe. The thing that sets these apart from other exterior shutters is that they are multifunctional. They can close and act just like your interior shutters, or, if that’s not important to you, save the money and have them fixed on each side of your window. Be mindful that these shutters, while beautiful, are very specific to colonial and traditional style homes. If your home doesn’t fit that bill, there are other options you should look into. Try options like Bermuda, board and batten, or panel.


Vinyl Shutters


The cheapest option you’re going to find will be vinyl shutters. They can range in quality and style, but you’re going to want to stay away from the low-end stuff that can be a little flimsy because they will droop over time. Vinyl shutters usually don’t contain wood. There are unstructured vinyl shutters and structured ones with PVC, and sometimes they even contain wood and aluminum. Vinyl’s biggest pro is that it holds well to moisture. If you live in a high moisture environment, like Florida, then these would be a smart choice. Vinyl shutters pretty much always come in white. They look clean, but if you’re worried about the durability of your shutters, you might want to explore other options.


Composite Wood Shutters


Basically, the middle ground when it comes to plantation shutters, the composite is a solid move all around because you get the best of both worlds. This option is extremely common because of its reliability. Composite shutters consist of composite wood covered with a layer of vinyl. The manufactured wood center makes the shutters super sturdy and durable, plus they won’t leave a huge dent in your pocket. The biggest downside with these is you can’t paint vinyl, so you’re pretty much set on white when it comes the color of your shutters.


Wood Shutters


Now, onto the big leagues. If you’re a purist and want the best plantation shutters have to offer, wood shutters are the way to go. Wood is sturdy, durable and customizable. Having wood shutters in your home gives it a warm, organic and even rich feel. Even though it might seem as if wood shutters are heavy, they are actually made out of sturdy woods that are just as lightweight as vinyl and composite options. While you are restricted with composite and vinyl shutters, wood shutters can be easily crafted to your specific needs and you can paint them to your liking. While wood shutters are definitely the most expensive, there are affordable options out there. Overall plantation shutters are a cost-effective window treatment.


What Can Plantation Shutters Do for Your House?


If you’re on the fence about what window treatment is right for you, plantation shutters can do a lot for your home beyond looking good and letting light in. First of all, they are much more durable and are easier to clean than other window treatments. Have you ever tried cleaning dusty curtains? It’s not an ideal way to spend a Sunday. Another unique plus for shutters is ventilation. The built-in vents evenly distribute air and light really well. Curtains and blinds, on the other hand, can let too much light into your house, which can actually cause damage to your furniture. Blinds also have multiple dangling cords that can be a safety hazard, especially with young children. So if you have young ones running around, plantation shutters are a safe bet for window treatment.


The answer to the title of this article is a resounding “yes!” Plantation shutters are most definitely right for you, and for everyone. At the end of the day you really can’t go wrong with these classic shutters, and with so many different options, you are bound to find a set that matches your plan. Really, the only reason for not going with plantation shutters is personal preference. It can be hard to find an interior window treatment that fits your preference, but a nice set of white interior shutters is timeless and will match pretty much any interior design scheme. If you’re feeling creative, though, why not venture out of your comfort zone? Go with some custom wood shutters on the interior of your home, or paint your louvered shutters a crazy color. The world is your oyster!