If you pay for top-quality energy efficient windows, that’s exactly what you should get. Many homeowners are unaware if the windows they have are really up-to-par with the ones they purchased. It’s always a little intimidating when you invest in a product you don’t know much about. The last thing the American Window Products crew wants is for you to feel anxious or unhappy with your purchase. We’re here with the info you need to make a confident decision and accurately evaluate the installation. 

Features You’ll Find on High-Quality Window Models

Not all windows are created equally. If you pick up the tab for your family’s latest home investment, you know the wide range of prices associated with new windows. The best window manufacturers prioritize a few key traits when they design and assemble a unit. Frame materials, pane quality and appealing design are the most important factors that influence the price.


Our window professionals are here to break down the nitty-gritty details of top-quality windows as we enter 2021. While these pieces of advice aren’t universal for every model, they are a good reference point when you evaluate your new investment. 

Pay Attention to the Minor (but Major!) Details of the Frame 


Let’s start with the window frames. Whether you choose vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass, it’s important to make sure you get what you pay for. There are a couple of key features to look for on your new high-quality windows. 


If you chose top-of-the-line vinyl, look for heat-welded joints instead of joints connected with fasteners. If you splurge on custom wood frames, keep an eye out for tight-fitting corners with no knicks or scratches on the wood’s surface. Aluminum frames are a great option for homeowners on a budget. If you opt for this material, look for a rubber strip (or something comparable) that functions as a thermal break. Similar to vinyl, fiberglass frames should have heat-welded joints instead of connected. 

Pane Quality Varies Greatly and Should be a Top Priority

Any professional window company preaches the importance of well-installed energy efficient window panes. Gone are the days of single-pane windows being the standard for homes. If your home doesn’t have double- or triple-paned, glazed glass, you’re certainly missing out. 


One of the main ways to improve your property’s energy efficiency is to invest in a window model with quality panes. Along with glazing and multiple panes of glass, Low-E glass is another key attribute to incorporate. (Psssst, ask an American Window Products team member about how to get Low-E glass for free.) Check your new energy efficient window labels on the savings you can expect. 

Don’t Select a Window Model Unless it Satisfies Your Aesthetic

We want you to love your windows. When you work with one of our team members, it’s smart to come equipped with a mood board that illustrates the design you have in mind. From windows shape to frame color and everything in between, you deserve windows that elevate your home design. 


Custom-looking windows don’t have to break the bank. Our team has decades of experience designing and installing windows for homeowners just like you. From contemporary black frames to sea turtle glass for oceanfront homes, American Windows is the premier choice for customers of every budget. 

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I can not brag enough on here about my total experience with this window company.  Every step of the process was friendly, professional, and most importantly easy on my family, and wallet. The salesman came to our home and just brought the facts and not a pushy sales pitch, set us up with financing and put us at ease about the decision to use their American Windows. The installers did an absolutely amazing job from the removal of old windows and trash to the perfect caulk job around the windows. Also the fact that they use only inhouse installers was a huge deal to us and they did not disappoint! Every interaction with their office staff was also top notch and simple to work with. We could not be happier with the total overall experience we had. Thank you!

– Paul B., American Window Products 5-Star Google Review

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